The Life of a Foreigner

Life of a foreigner

28 November 2012, Poland The cat woke me up before an alarm clock this morning. Half awaken, I went to the kitchen to feed my furry friend and what a surprise… the box with his wet food was empty! I must have forgotten to buy a new one yesterday… Oh my Lord! The cat is …

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How is Halloween Celebrated in Different Cultures?

Dialogue Halloween blog

A true Halloween Story Once upon a time, on a dark and stormy night… a group of friends huddled together in a dimly lit restaurant in central St Petersburg. Drinking cups of tea and hot chocolate to keep warm, the group were happily chatting away, sheltering from the biting cold and northerly winds that blow …

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School’s Out. But Is That Any Good For You?

School holidays 2022

Ahh, the school holidays.   If you’re a kid, that “Ahh” is one of excitement – eating your body weight in ice cream and a week cannonballing into the pool at Butlins.   For the parents, the “Ahh” is more likely pronounced, “ARRGGHH” – for many, many reasons. I’m sure it’s a relief for all …

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The Power of Language Training: Increased effectiveness of your workforce

Increased effectiveness of your workforce

Q: What connects: George Bernard Shaw, Oscar Wilde and Winston Churchill?   A: They’re all supposed to have created the famous quotation along the lines of:   Great Britain and America: 2 nations separated by a common language Now, if getting 2 sets of people who supposedly speak the same language to understand each other …

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