7 reasons why learning English online is best for your team in 2022

Turns out that by 2010, more than half of the world’s population had become bilingual.

While the reasons why are varied—from migration needs to the digital transformation driving globalisation—more and more people found it necessary to develop the ability to speak more than one language. After digital interconnectivity improvements allowed for a global reach, this made it even more crucial to have a lingua franca, or common language.  As Psychology Today reported:

“How can one explain such large numbers of bilinguals? One reason is simply that many countries house numerous languages: 722 in Indonesia, 445 in India, 207 in Australia and so on. Contact between communities means learning other languages or, at the very least, acquiring a common language of communication and hence being bilingual.”

For this bilingual generation, English became a global language, and the most-used language on the internet. Below are just 7 of the key reasons to learn English easily and immediately, online.

1. Economically speaking, English has taken the lead in our global economy.

It’s become the lingua franca in growing online commerce, remote learning, virtual sales and more. It’s also the native tongue spoken in the top two financial centres on Earth: New York (01) and London (02).

2. English is the most common language on the internet, by far.

As Statistica demographic data shows: by 2020, English was being used by 25.9% of all internet users. The next-most common online languages: Chinese (19.4%), Spanish (7.9%) and Arabic (5.2%).

3. English is now the most-spoken language around the world.

In Ethnologue global rankings of 7,111 living languages, among the most-often spoken on the planet, English has taken the lead.

4. Politically speaking, English is often used in international diplomacy efforts.

With its British roots and years of colonising influence, English remains the dominant language of three G7 nations (UK, USA, Canada), plus Australia from the G20. It’s also the primary language for UN meetings.

5. Never has English been more important for a vibrant work life.

For those who want a steady career progression, able to conduct commerce in hyper-competitive global markets—English is key.

6. Much of Social Media and entertainment depend on English.

From Instagram to LinkedIn to TikTok, our social life and online presence now often depends on English, or English translations.

7. Geographically speaking, knowing English can help you travel with ease.

English is the most-commonly spoken language in destination spots around the world, all catering to tourists. 

Both personally and financially, in terms of travel, entertainment, career progression and more—it’s important to develop your English skills. For business teams that want to succeed in today’s digital marketplace, Business English is now a necessity—not a luxury.

How fluent is your team? Can they be understood clearly? Do they have the self-confidence to reach out to others in English and make an impact in the workplace? Want the best English training and coaching around?

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