Project management support

We have transformed our project management support, through investment in an industry-leading Translation Management System (TMS) called Phrase (formerly Memsource). Phrase is a game-changing TMS, powered by patented AI. This cutting-edge technology helps us reduce translation costs for you, boost consistency across projects and increase quality and project management efficiency.

A game-changing Translation Management System

By automating our translation workflow, you, as the client, are able to take a more active role in shaping the translations of your content. With a built-in client review function, file sharing and version control, you can share your content easily, highlight segments to amend and leave comments that add context or ensure that your brand’s style and tone is maintained.

Phrase TMS stores all of your files securely in one place and can connect to over 50 popular CMS tools to make the translation import process even . Admin-heavy tasks are automatically taken care of, freeing up your workload and allowing everyone to have more meaningful interactions: discussing linguistic queries and advising on the best translation approaches for your content.

Improved Efficiency

Phrase allows for project managers, linguists and clients to communicate and work together on the same platform. You can also use smart machine translation technology as part of our Silver Service Package.

Cost-Saving & Consistent

Phrase’s multilingual translation memories enable storage of previously translated content in 500+ languages. This results in discounts on previously translated content and greater word-choice consistency.

Enhanced Security

All of your data and content is stored on one platform, avoiding any need to disperse files across multiple devices or via email. The built-in client review function allows you to check the translation and directly leave comments for the linguists.

Phrase Translation Management System FAQs

Phrase TMS (translation management system) is a secure cloud-based platform that allows project managers to assign tasks to linguists, who carry out the translations directly on the platform, making use of translation memories for consistency and accuracy. Project managers, translators, proofreaders, reviewers and clients can all interact, email and add comments to the translations at different workflow stages.

Not a furry friend but a Computer-Assisted Translation tool that helps translators and proofreaders when translating, editing and reviewing documents. It is different to Machine Translation – as it does not automatically translate the content but will flag up previously translated content and suggest closely matched translations or glossary words from your content for you to incorporate and edit.

Yes, we are able to connect to over 50 systems, such as Hubspot, WordPress, Microsoft Sharepoint and Outlook. You can then feed your content directly into Phrase and then back into your CMS again once the content has been translated.

Yes, our platform supports translation memories, term bases, glossaries and style guides. These can also be included automatically at the start of a project to auto-populate certain segments with 100% matching terms and phrases.

You will have a dedicated project manager who will manage all projects for you on Phrase and handle any questions or technical issues you may have. But Phrase TMS also has an excellent and speedy technical support team on hand at any time.