Our Linguists

A unified international team

We wouldn’t be where we are today without our linguists. They really are the lifeblood of what we do, which is why we spend a great deal of time and effort recruiting the best of the best and feeding back to them to get the best results for your business. We are a unified team and although our linguists are located all over the world, they are just as much part of Dialogue as our in-house project managers.

Certified and vetted

Our linguists are selected for their experience, qualifications and thinking power. We don’t just want them to translate or train, but to question, to query, to quiz. For us it’s all about putting human thought and analysis into linguistic processes in an increasingly automated world. 

Our criteria:


5 years’ professional translation experience as demanded by the ATC (Association of Translation Companies).

A recognised translation or language degree


5 years’ experience in interpreting, with a related BA/MA, as demanded by the ATC.

OR 10 years’ experience and a general language degree.

Voiceover Artist

5 years’ experience in voiceovers for the relevant field as demanded by the Association of Translation Companies.

A strong aptitude for accents and pronunciation.


3 years’ experience teaching plus a relevant teaching qualification (eg CELTA, DaF, FLE, PGCE).

Must be empathetic, challenging, fun and engaging.

What our linguists are saying about us:

Our Linguists FAQs

Our translators, interpreters and voiceover artists are recruited based on professional qualifications, professional body accreditation (ITI, CiOL etc.), excellent references, rigorous testing, and proven expertise in their specific field. They are the industry leaders in their profession and many have been working with us for over 20 years. 

Yes. This is an absolute must to ensure accuracy and complete familiarity with the target language. Most live in the country of the target language, ensuring familiarity with current colloquialisms, the latest trends, terminology and turns of phrase.

Absolutely. And we tend to encourage this to ensure the best outcome for all. Establishing an approved glossary and tone from the start of a larger project is always recommended. 

We work with most CAT tools and are flexible to your needs or software preferences, though we typically work with Phrase TMS.

If you have marketing content that needs translating, we will ensure that a qualified marketing translator works on your materials. If you need an interpreter for a legal matter, we will provide you with an experienced legal interpreter for whatever the occasion. We have linguists that specialise in medicine, law, marketing, psychometrics, food/drink, manufacturing, transcreation, IT, finance, engineering, HR, the automotive industry, agricultural industry and more!

Dialogue’s trainers are first and foremost human beings who have empathy, spirit and drive, as well as the prerequisite linguistic and commercial knowledge. All of our trainers perform a mini-teach for us so we can see them in action. CVs are important – but they don’t tell the whole story! And once they’re on board, we observe them in situ and ask for feedback from the students on an ongoing basis.