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10 tips on how to prepare your business for successful exports into new markets

Launching your business into new markets can be a daunting prospect. You need to think about your localisation strategy, rules & regulations, translating your website and training new employees… Need some help? This guide is packed full of top tips and useful resources to help you think through your exporting strategy from a linguistic and cultural perspective.

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Brand, voice and messaging consistency for international customers

Are you taking your brand to an international market? One of the main challenges you might face is making sure that your brand voice and message remains consistent. You will need to adapt your content to different languages and cultures, but the impact that your brand has on your audience should feel the same. Not sure where to start? This guide will take you through the key steps required.

Making informed choices on the effective use of AI in translation

Just what are the benefits and limitations of Machine Translation and Generative AI models like ChatGPT? Here at Dialogue, we’ve pulled together some helpful pointers for you to see just what AI & ChatGPT can do well and where there is room for development. Take a read of this guide to find out more about how the latest AI technology trends will impact your business.

Using voiceover services to amplify
your message

By using a professional voiceover service, you can boost your project’s impact, better engage viewers, and trigger the desired emotional response from your audience. If you’re looking to increase the reach of your company’s video content or need training videos translated and recorded, this extensive guide all about voiceover services is just what you need to get started.

Maximising global reach with transcreation: time to speak the language of your target market

If you want to attract the attention of customers in your target market, you need to speak their language in more ways than one. You need to engage with your audience as if you’re one of them; taking humour, cultural references, style and formality into account. A word-for-word translation just won’t cut it. And that’s where transcreation (creative translation) comes in.

Cultural training: ease tension between international teams and move into new markets

With cultural training, you’ll get insights into a culture which you otherwise wouldn’t find in formal lessons. It covers language, work culture, social etiquette, and practical tips for living. You can dive into a new culture and find it easier and more efficient to interact and work in a different environment, and be aware of pinch-points to look out for so you’re less likely to put your foot in it.