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Tailored solutions to empower and unite your team

Business today is global. Working with international teams across different regions is what builds your company’s success. It’s exciting – different languages and cultures, people inspiring each other to deliver the best results for your business.

As an HR or Learning and Development (L&D) decision-maker, language and cultural training gives you more resources to be able to support the colleagues in your care and to ensure that barriers to communication are lowered, or best of all, removed.

Creating tailor-made programmes

Dialogue excels at putting together customised language training and cultural training programmes. We work in partnership with HR, Training and L&D leaders to assess and provide the exact level of support your colleagues need. We will be by your side building their confidence to speak the local language as their own, giving your colleagues an equal voice at any meeting or presentation, removing communication barriers and allowing them to contribute fully to the success of your business.

Language training

Language training can be in any language you require. English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic… you can choose from up to 200 different languages in which we regularly work to define the support your colleagues need. We’ll deliver career changing support to unite your team.

Cultural training

Whether your colleagues – or indeed their family – need post-relocation insights about their new home country’s habits and taboos; or a senior team member wants to prepare for sensitive contract negotiations with a customer in a new geography for your business, we can help.

Online training

Kudos is a Dialogue-developed solution – a unique learning experience for business English and English culture. Interactive, comprehensive with humour too, this online learning platform allows colleagues to study at their own pace, in their own time.

Cross Cultural Estimator

If over 4 delegates, each person will be £100 extra for a full day and £60 extra for a half day.
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Do you require a Full Day or Half Day?-

If over 4 delegates, each person will be £100 extra for a full day and £60 extra for a half day.0

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