Polish before publishing

So, your landing page or PDF brochure has been translated but it’s not quite presentable yet: translated text overflows the textboxes and doesn’t align with the graphic design in your original file. Rely on Dialogue’s Desktop Publishing (DTP) and formatting team to provide that “polish” before you publish your perfectly formatted content.

The finishing touches

We will take care of your training PowerPoints and promotional videos to make sure that the layout, images, font and any subtitles are neat and tidy, that the final translations appeal to your target audience and are ready for publishing.

Our team knows what to look out for: whether that’s the length, width and duration of subtitles or rearranging the layout of a presentation in languages such as Arabic and Hebrew, which are written from right to left, or selecting the correct fonts for Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and Korean.

Any file

We are able to format any file you send us, from Word documents and PowerPoints to PDFs and videos using editing tools such as Adobe Premier Pro and Adobe InDesign.

Special consideration

Do you have on-screen text and graphics that need translating and editing? No problem, we can provide you with an accurate translation and embed it into your final file.

No extra cost

We will format the translations in the final files for you for no extra cost. DTP & formatting is a natural part of every one of the high-quality translation packages that we offer.

DTP & Formatting FAQs

DTP stands for Desktop Publishing – it’s the creation of digital content using software that helps by generating layouts as well as formatting text and images to get your finished brochures, presentations and promotional content ready for publishing.

No! It’s included in all of our translation packages, as part of the service.

Word documents, excel spreadsheets, PowerPoints, PDFs, webpages, video files, Apple Keynote files… the list goes on!