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Effective English language and cultural training on-demand

When your non-native English colleagues fear miscommunication in the workplace, they experience anxiety, stress and feel low. These pressures can grow into mental health issues, sickness, and poor work performance. But all of this is preventable.

Kudos is a unique library of business English and culture training including over 30 hours of online training plus 18 hours of “live” group training sessions. Blended learning is widely recognised as the most effective and engaging way to fully absorb all of the material. Its focus is on developing business skills: presenting, negotiating, using formal/informal English and more.

Benefits for your HR team

  • Greater employee loyalty and minimised risk of employee churn
  • Easier team integration
  • Stronger employee cohesion
  • Improved employee performance and overall business results.

Benefits for your colleagues

  • Confidence to be the “real me”
  • Enhanced career opportunities
  • Flexible learning for best headspace experience: anytime, anywhere
  • Engaging content for better language acquisition


Kudos business English blended-learning video on laptop and phone

Who is Kudos for?

Blended learning British flag icon
International colleagues with an intermediate level of English – B1 + CEFR
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Employees unable to commit to a regular training slot (face-to-face or video)
Colleagues icon
Colleagues interacting with an international team where the lingua franca is English
British outline icon symbolising cultural training opportunities
Individuals seeking awareness of the features and peculiarities of culture in the UK
Airplane icon symbolising relocation for international colleagues
Colleagues and/or their families relocating to the UK for work or personal circumstances

See Kudos in action

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Feedback from our students:

Kudos FAQs

At Dialogue, we’ve been listening to our students over the years and this is our response – a library of interactive, in-depth and subject-orientated business English learning videos, accompanied by interactive exercises and extra tips and ‘learning nuggets’ to develop your skills and autonomy. 

Kudos is much more than language training – and in fact, much more than linguistics too – here at Kudos, we are business communication facilitators. Our library aims to take your present level of English (B1 minimum starting level) and build upon it, enabling you to integrate your existing skill into your professional career, by adopting a natural, authentic way of using English in a business environment. 

We have based each detailed module on the following key language-learning principles:

  • Scientific research demonstrates that the more you enjoy, the more effectively you absorb new language.
  • You need to revisit new language skills in different ways and at different times to master them.
  • If a language topic is relevant to you, you’ll learn it faster.
  • Language is not just vocabulary or grammar, it’s culture and confidence too.

Kudos is unique because it is based exclusively around you, our learners.

And the brains behind the brand? Rob Shimwell, our Training Director, who guides you through each module, supporting you in an engaging, warm and humorous way, and enabling you to experience the same personal connection that you would from a teacher in a classroom.

  • Our Training Director at Dialogue, Rob, also has over 30 years professional teaching experience.
  • A fully-qualified teacher, Rob has prepared students for IELTS, TOEIC and Cambridge exams at all levels.
  • He has worked with MDs, chauffeurs, nuns, sales people, HR professionals, footballers, brigadier-generals, students, politicians and vets – he has the ability to adapt to, inspire and connect with people of very varied backgrounds, cultures and ages.
  • He has also taught students from all continents except Antarctica…one to add to the travel list!
  • Rob has perfected the concept of “enterTRAINment” – the ultimate balance between fun and learning. 
  • He puts the 3 E’s into action – energy, engagement and empathy. By casting aside more conventional and less stimulating teaching approaches, Rob instead uses his dynamism, sense of humour and approachable personality to really drill down into what it means to speak English naturally and with a profound understanding of cultural nuances.
  • He adapts to all ages, hierarchies, sexes, intellects and cultures but teaches from a truly British perspective and treats students as people first and students second. You’ll feel confident in yourself and you’ll feel confident in your English.
  • Rob uses comical anecdotes and real-life “nuggets” of information to convey the mechanics of language and help them stick in his students’ minds – he has a solid ability to identify what people need without being patronising in the process.
  • He manages expectations, keeping targets realistic and focusing on communication, confidence and culture. As a result, Rob really challenges his students to be the best version of themselves and he cares deeply about whether or not they succeed.
  • A lack of exposure to ‘real’ English (both culturally and linguistically).
  • An absence of opportunity (despite a solid base of English knowledge and skill) to progress to the next level of professional competence.
  • The linguistic ‘wall’ (when you have reached your limit) and an overriding concern with making mistakes or offending someone in a workplace environment.
  • The constraints of regular teaching times that are impossible to fit into a busy, career-centric schedule.
  • Frustration with conventional teaching methods that are not sufficiently challenging or context-specific.

Kudos focuses on all of the above and provides an absorbing, polished and relevant format. The ‘start/stop’ format of its modules means they are completely flexible and can be worked into their routine.

  • A comprehensive expansion of your current understanding of business English.
  • An enhancement of professional reputation and worth, career opportunities and respect from colleagues and superiors.
  • A flexible opportunity for self-development, boosting confidence and your ability to connect with others.
  • A truly innovative and considered approach to teaching but with a great deal of motivating humour and cheekiness!