Are you looking to bring your finished film to life with a professional and impactful voiceover? Whether you need an array of voices for your computer game, or a slick, Stephen Fry-style narration for your corporate film and promotional videos, you name it – Dialogue can do it.

Turning a good video into a great one

For foreign language voiceovers – we can record with your finished script, or we can provide a localised translation as part of our service. We will ensure your video gains the desired impact with your international audience, by delivering a voiceover with the right tone, style and feel that complements the original.

For native language voiceovers – busy, on-screen graphics can be simplified by a calm voiceover clarifying what your clients are reading. Equally, if you have an e-learning video, a voiceover can provide a reassuring, clear explanation of the processes being shown, giving your stakeholders an in-depth understanding of what the product or platform is about.

Client-first approach

From the word go, we like to have a conversation to better understand your business and video goals. After discussing the project brief in detail with you, we will suggest a selection of talented voiceover artists for you to pick from. You select the gender, tone, accent and speed and we do all the rest: transcription, localisation and recording.

Guaranteed quality

By adhering to ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 standards, we ensure that you receive the best quality translation and voiceover service we can deliver. Each stage of the process is subject to a thorough proof-check, to review accuracy, timings and clarity.  

The sky’s the limit

Dialogue regularly provides multilingual voiceovers for e-learning courses, training films and podcasts. We also offer the same services for TV, radio and web commercials, computer games and films. Nothing is too complex for our team to tackle – we love a challenge!

Dialogue's Professional Voiceover Process

Step 1.

You give us an in-depth briefing about your business and what your film needs to convey.

Step 2.

We create a workflow to match your brief while you select the voiceover artists that you would like to use.

Step 3.

Our specialist linguists work their magic on your script.

Step 4.

The script is proofread and the voiceover recording undergoes our in-house QA test.

Step 5.

You receive the final film in the format requested within the agreed timeframe.

Step 6.

You or your local office review and sign off the localised video and release to the local markets.

What our clients are saying about us:

Voiceover Services FAQs

min film will take up to 3 working days and a 10 min film will take up to 6 days. Additional languages can be done consecutively. 

There is no limit to language – Dialogue can provide voiceover artists in any given language, and, of course, in English where required too. Click here to see all of the languages Dialogue currently supports.

Send us: your film, male/female requirements, language list, voiceover tone, how you will use the video, deadline, and let us do the rest. It’s as simple as that!