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Revolutionising video content

Subtitles are revolutionising our social media videos, films, commercials, and training platforms. Cutting through the noise and distractions to make your video content stand out from the crowd, Dialogue can create precise subtitles ensuring your commercial and creative content is seen and understood, any time, any place, anywhere. 

Whatever your subtitling need, you can rely on Dialogue to enhance your videos, reels, films and documentaries: we can provide timely, quality subtitles, that ensure your content’s message is perfectly clear, in every application. 

The Versatile Essential

Quality subtitles are so much more than mere transcriptions or translations of audio. They are a must-have enabler allowing you to exceed so many varied business goals:

Infinite Marketing Reach
For marketers, subtitling your social media videos and reels allows your content to be consumed on the go, on the sly, and on the quiet – your ads can be watched with the sound off.

Complete Social Inclusivity
Subtitles achieve social inclusion by enabling those who are Deaf and hard of hearing to enjoy video content that they might otherwise have lost the opportunity to experience.

Successful International Growth
Essential for reaching new markets, subtitles translate from the language of the original audio into your local dialect – seamlessly and effortlessly engaging with new customers.

Quality all round

Experienced professionals will work on your subtitles, ensuring that the line width, characters per subtitle, segmentation and words per minute are just right. On top of that, each stage of the process also undergoes a thorough ISO 17100-rated proofcheck.

Endless possibilities

Whether you need creative subtitling for animations, films or commercials, or you need consistent corporate language across your training videos and instructional presentations, the team at Dialogue is ready to help.

Super time-efficient

At Dialogue, we guarantee that our service will be tailored specifically to your requirements. The whole process is handled by our expert team and headed up by your single point of contact – your dedicated project manager.

What our clients are saying about us:

Subtitling Services FAQs

In the past, subtitles were often thought of as translations of spoken audio. But with the rise of social media, and the popularity of YouTube and Netflix, subtitles have massively evolved and are increasingly used in same-language videos, i.e. English audio, English subtitles.

Subtitles only cover the dialogue in videos, since they are designed for people who can hear the original audio. Not only do they improve engagement on your social media videos, as they can be viewed when you are just scrolling through your newsfeed with no sound on, but subtitles are also helpful as a language-learning tool; for example, if you are learning French, you might want to watch French TV dramas with French subtitles, rather than a translation.

Subtitles are intended for people who can hear the original audio; they are a written form of the dialogue shown on screen. Captions are transcripts of the original audio for the hearing-impaired, including both the dialogue and additional information to describe sounds (think: door slams, romantic music plays…). 

These days, videos can come with both subtitles and captions and are often played completely without sound. If you’re on the bus, in a waiting room or watching a video in a meeting, subtitles and/or captions, allow you to watch the video on the go, without sound, anywhere you want.

Captions are designed for people who can’t hear the original audio, and therefore, they provide extra information as well as the dialogue, describing sounds and noises. They can be open (always visible on screen) or closed (toggled on or off according to the viewer’s preferences).

Yes. We either deliver to you the final video, complete with subtitles fully burnt in, or we can deliver translated .SRT files to you to burn in yourselves.