Connecting your Content Management System with our Translation Management System Phrase allows for a smoother, more efficient translation experience from start to finish. By sending us your email campaign, blog or marketing copy directly from your company’s internal platforms, it can be immediately translated, reviewed, then scheduled to publish all in one place. Say goodbye to long email threads and hello to an efficient and secure way of working.

Keeping You Connected

With over 50 API plugins to choose from, such as WordPress, Hubspot, Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive, Adobe Commerce & Dropbox, you can send us translation requests quickly and securely. The Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that we can offer, simply act as messengers between your preferred content server and our translation workflow, Phrase TMS. All of your requests, quotes, translations, revisions and final files are stored in one place; monitor translation progress using real-time tracking and communicate effortlessly with our project managers and linguists.

Tailored To You

We will work with you to ensure that your chosen API connects smoothly to your CMS and is customised to meet all of your company’s particular requirements.

Seamless Communication

You can send large volumes of content our way, filtering and selecting files for translation at just the click of a button.

User-friendly APIs

Straightforward and easy to navigate, you can select the languages you wish to translate into for yourself and remove the need to copy and paste finished translations onto your platform.

Some of the most popular integrations we can provide:

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Google Drive

Microsoft Office SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft OneDrive


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Adobe Commerce

Content Management System Integration FAQs

CMS stands for Content Management System. Think: Hubspot, WordPress, Google Drive. These can be integrated with or connected to our translation platform, Phrase TMS. This means that you can send us work directly from your CMS to our platform without sending an email and attaching files. Your content can be translated all in one place and the final files are automatically ready to go within your CMS – no copying and pasting needed!

Getting all technical now, an API is an Application Programming Interface. It is a plug-in, the technology that connects your Content Management System to our Translation Management System.

Over 50 of the most popular platforms: Hubspot, WordPress, Google Drive, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft OneDrive, and Dropbox to name but a few. Get in touch with us if you’d like to enquire about a specific API plugin you would like to know more about.

Yes! Every company has its own requirements that can be built into the API plugin and the design and set-up stage. Our translation manager will work closely with you and the Phrase TMS support team to ensure that the API is customised to suit your needs.