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Transformational solutions

The translation process doesn’t have to be difficult. With over 25 years’ experience, we can quickly get to grips with your particular challenges and pull together a straightforward solution for you, within budget. Say goodbye to language barriers and hello to crystal clear communication.

Always with a human touch

In this fast-paced digital, AI-driven age, we guarantee an authentic human touch in the delivery of all our translation, localisation and transcreation services. Trust Dialogue to listen to your requirements and to deliver award-winning translations of the highest quality, that drive your successful business growth.

Infographic explaining the four levels of service at Dialogue: platinum, gold, silver, bronze

Platinum Service


We recommend this option if your copy is for publishing or external use (websites, corporate communications, marketing literature, contracts, manuals etc.) and is a must for important legal and medical documents.

High quality translation with added level of quality assurance.

Full translation, plus proofreading by a 2nd translator, and final Quality Assurance (QA) check by Dialogue Project Manager (PM).

Gold Service


For internal communications and understanding key content of formal documents (e.g. contracts, email correspondence, we can provide a first draft translation with a basic proof check to ensure no linguistic or grammatical errors have been made.

Perfect for technical translations, focusing on accuracy over style.

High quality translation with quick turnaround times.
Full translation by a qualified translator plus final QA by Dialogue PM. 

Silver Service


When you only need to establish the gist of a text and it’s just for internal use, we would recommend our machine translation service combined with professional editing by a human translator as a final step. 

Just what you need when speed and basic understanding are a priority, rather than style and flow.

Automatic, fast and high-volume capacity. Sophisticated machine translation plus post-editing by a human translator and final QA check by Dialogue PM. 

Translation FAQs

Not only should a Translation Service Provider deliver quality translations in line with industry standards, but they should also be listening, advising, and meeting your exact needs and requirements. Read more here about Dialogue’s top ten things to look out for when choosing a Translation Service Provider.

Collaboration, the best linguists and a stringent Quality Assurance (QA) process! This, alongside a clear briefing and intelligent vendor questions from the start, leads to the best end product. Our adherence to ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 standards, as well as providing the best-qualified translators are what guarantees a translation you can count on. We use native-speaking colleagues to verify the quality of a translation. 

Typically, translators can get through 1,500-2,000 words a day. However, if your project is urgent, we can have a team translating faster in tandem. So, 24-hour turnaround for smaller projects is possible and is how we regularly support our clients.ble.

Google Translate is one form of machine translation. Over the years it has improved in terms of accuracy and intelligibility. Depending on the language, it can give you the basic gist of a foreign text for free, but it should never be used to render your own language into a target language without a human post-editor. Other, more advanced machine translation software is available and is what we use and offer at Dialogue.

Machine translation does the translation itself; translation memory software simply stores everything previously translated in a “translation memory”. The benefits of using Translation Memories are saving translation costs, improving QA and maintaining consistencyusing TMs are saving translation costs, improving QA and maintaining consistency.

Our Silver Service is what you need: machine translation with human proofing at the end of the line. This is your cheapest option and is sufficient for any documentation where you need to get the gist of what is written. It is a lot quicker to process (typically 8,000 words a day + time for human QA checks in comparison to a typical human translation rate of 2,000 words a day). 

Our translation project managers will discuss the scope of your project at the start and advise on service level, depending on your budget and objectives. Anything you intend to publish or print should always get our Platinum Service treatment.