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The translation process doesn’t have to be difficult. With over 25 years’ experience, we can quickly get to grips with your particular challenges and pull together a straightforward solution for you, within budget. Say goodbye to language barriers and hello to crystal clear communication.


The content you need to translate is likely to be interpreted in various ways. To get the best results, it’s all about the approach used. Whether human translation, machine translation or a blended approach is optimal, we can point you in the right direction. Our philosophy is to provide a human touch in the digital age while using the latest tech advancements to guide us.


Qualified Translators

The team enjoys a challenge, they will not rest until the project in question has been completed with extreme precision.

Dedicated Account Manager

With us you’ll have a dedicated account manager who fully understands your needs and is on hand at any time.

Over 200 Languages

Translating into your target language can be done effortlessly thanks to our ever-growing team of professionally qualified linguists from around the globe.



Because we are so confident in our services, we will always guarantee high-quality results, competitive pricing and projects being completed on time. Unhappy with our service at any point? We endeavour to resolve any problems that you may have free of charge until you are completely satisfied with our services and everyone is on the same page.


It’s not a factory assembly line. Dialogue offers a collaborative approach. We question. We listen. We consider. We advise. We make it work for you in the right tone, on time and within budget.


Our translation services process

We are focused on providing you with the best translation and interpreting service in the UK, without trying to fit you into a one-size-fits-all box. Instead, it’s all about finding an approach and solution that meets your needs, your timescales and your budget, every time.

Step 1.

Document submitted, analysed and level of service agreed.

Step 2.

Project confirmation sent out detailing cost, time-frame & service level.

Step 3.

Text analysis to highlight possible language issues/ your preferences.

Step 4.

Text translated using our Translation Management System platform for set-up, review and delivery.

Step 5.

Translated content uploaded to Translation Management System in original format for you to review.

Step 6.

Feedback to ensure improvements/maintain quality for future projects.

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Unsure? Give us a buzz and we are happy to review your content & advise.

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Translation and Language Training

A dialogue is often a two-way communication… principally to resolve a problem or share an idea.
If this is what you need then please get in touch.

Translation FAQs

Collaboration, the best linguists and a stringent QA process! This, alongside a clear briefing and intelligent vendor questions from the start, leads to the best end product. Our ISO 17100:2015 QA processes and the best-qualified translators are what guarantees a translation you can count on. We use native-speaking colleagues to verify the quality of a translation. 

Typically, translation is charged per source word, from 10p/word, with a minimum charge starting at £50. However, the language combination, level of QA, formatting and level of creative input can all influence the end cost.  

Typically, translators can get through 1,500-2,000 words a day. However, if your project is urgent, we can have a team translating faster in tandem. So, 24-hour turnaround for smaller projects is possible.

Google Translate is a form of machine translation. Over the years it has improved in terms of accuracy and intelligibility. Depending on the language, it can give you the basic gist of a foreign text for free, but it should never be used to render your own language into a target language without a human post-editor.

Other, more advanced machine translation software is available but the more sophisticated you need the translation to be, the more you will have to pay. Again, we would strongly advise that any text be revised by a human post-editor.

Machine translation does the translation itself; translation memory software simply stores everything previously translated in a “translation memory”. The benefits of using TMs are saving translation costs, improving QA and maintaining consistency.

We recommend you approve a team of ‘preferred translators’ when you start working with us; we can provide you with 3-4 sample translations of the text per language. The more linguists you can approve, the better, because we then have a wider pool of translators to choose from when faced with an urgent deadline. Using the same linguists on all of your projects enables them to get used to the style and tone of your content so that you receive accurate translations even faster.

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