Make an impact with tailored cultural training

The growth of your business depends on how well you navigate international challenges – either expanding into new geographies, developing new markets for your products and services; or bringing together employees of mixed nationalities to create your A-Team.

As an HR or Learning and Development decision maker, a key part of your role is being able to involve the right training partner to support the growing teams your business needs to be successful.

Your first impression counts

Dialogue is that partner to support your success. We enjoy developing bespoke cultural training courses and can do so to suit the unique needs of your business. Dialogue has the experience and skills to help, whether you’re looking to:

  • Provide the right training for your CXO management to understand cultural differences and seal deals in new regions globally;
  • Facilitate cooperation and collaboration between your multinational colleagues, removing language and culture as a barrier so they can work seamlessly as a team.

In the business world, you only have ONE opportunity to make a good first impression. Dialogue can help you make this a successful one. We offer tailored packages to meet the needs of your colleagues and your company in any given circumstance. Requests for support typically fall into one of three different categories:

Cross Cultural Estimator

If over 4 delegates, each person will be £100 extra for a full day and £60 extra for a half day.
Total Summary

Do you require a Full Day or Half Day?-

If over 4 delegates, each person will be £100 extra for a full day and £60 extra for a half day.0

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One-Off Or Focused Training

Cultural insights that will impress and convince, build trust and help close that key new contract. Our training tips help learners to understand and navigate cultural norms and social interactions.

For: CXO, Senior Management, Sales, Business Development, Marketing.

Support includes: etiquette and taboos of doing business in e.g. Japan/China/Middle East; preparing for a specific event, e.g. rehearsing a key presentation.

Ongoing Training Sessions

Cultural nuances for new employees working in a language which isn’t their mother tongue. These will lead to successful integration and to building stronger, unified teams within your business.

For: CXO and Senior Management across all departments in your business.

Support includes: confidence in key business situations (negotiations, presentations, customer management) and social situations outside of work.

Awareness Building Sessions

Cultural reassurance for the families of new employees to build confidence. A happy home-life, means a longer, stable, productive work-life.

For: family members, spouses and partners, especially after relocation.

Support includes: making the most of your new life abroad and minimising the pressures; familiarisation of a range of social situations in the new country of residence.

Our training provides insights into a culture so you’re not wrong-footed by new phenomena, but instead you develop an awareness of pinch-points to look out for. Training can be for a morning, a day, or over a week or a month; delivered face to face or remotely; individually or in small groups.

Cultural training explores the definition and impact of culture itself: mindsets and methods of working, ways of speaking, interacting with colleagues, clients and friends. It looks at the practical aspects of living in the country you’re now living in or wanting to do business in. Learn an invaluable set of skills – from managing expectations through to adapting and viewing ‘culture shock’ in a positive light.

Our cross-cultural training is not a theoretical lecture. It is a practical, two-way dialogue, focusing on real-life issues: what you cover in one of our cultural training workshops will be immediately applicable to your role in your new country.

Dialogue's Cross Cultural Training Process

Step 1.

Pre-course needs assessment with sponsor and students.

Step 2.

Dialogue advises best approach for success.

Step 3.

Dialogue builds a specific course around business and personal needs and submits it for approval of all parties.

Step 4.

You undergo the cross cultural training programme.

Step 5.

Dialogue requests feedback directly after the course and 3 months after the secondment starts to allow for continuous improvement.

What our clients are saying about us:

Cultural Training FAQs

Cross cultural training examines the differences and similarities between 2 communities or countries. It explores the mindsets and methods of working, ways of speaking, interacting with colleagues, clients and friends. It also looks at the practical aspects of living abroad.

Dialogue runs a half-day or full day of training. It could be an afternoon of training to prepare a team for work on a new project in China. Or a day of training for a colleague who is being relocated, covering work culture, social etiquette and practical tips for living.

It provides insights into a culture so you’re not wrong footed by new phenomena, but instead you develop an awareness of pinch-points to look out for. It gains you respect and makes interaction and working together easier and more efficient.

A detailed pre-course assessment is key to getting it right for you. Your industry, objectives, and challenges will all determine the shape and feel of the course; each is written to fit your requirements. Our training is a practical, 2-way dialogue, focusing on real-life issues.