Advances in technology and AI mean that you have a greater range of cutting-edge services to choose from. Dialogue’s linguistic tech experts will advise you on which options are right for your objectives and budget: from auto captions and CMS integration to online learning and everything in between.

Our industry-leading technical solutions speed up the translation process, enable maximum project management efficiency, and bring a world of language learning into your home or office.

Phrase TMS

At Dialogue, our linguists translate on the Phrase TMS platform, which features a highly sophisticated CAT (Computer-Assisted Translation) tool, guaranteeing quicker turnaround times, greater consistency and a smoother review process.

AI automatically translates your content, selecting the best translation engine for your copy from a choice of over 60. It refines it by attaching your translation memory and term base. The translation is then edited by a human translator to improve accuracy.

If you’re tight for time, Dialogue provides automated equivalents of our subtitling, voiceover, and transcription services that are generated using AI-powered technology but always edited and reviewed by a human linguist. A good way to save money too!  

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Content Management System (CMS) Integration

Using Phrase’s API (Application Programming Interface) technology, you can connect your CMS with our translation management system. By sending us content directly from your internal platforms, it can be immediately translated, reviewed, then scheduled to publish all in one place. Say goodbye to long email threads and hello to an efficient and secure way of working.

Kudos: Dialogue’s very own ed-tech platform

Our English language and cultural training platform, Kudos, delivers a world of engaging, online learning, accessible at the click of a button. We also offer live group webinars for our Kudos clients every month so that learners can dig deeper and always have that all-important opportunity to ask questions. Our engaging, informative videos and practical English exercises allow students to continue improving their English language skills remotely – wherever and whenever they like.

Always with a human touch

In this fast-paced digital, AI-driven age, we will always guarantee an authentic human touch in the delivery of our machine translation, automated services and online learning platform, Kudos. All translation work is thoroughly reviewed by human linguists and our projects are managed by people! When you choose Dialogue as your language partner, regardless of the service you require, you’ll have the opportunity to talk to us, instead of just engaging via a web portal. Every client, project and Kudos licence has a dedicated Dialogue project manager who will always be on hand to advise and help if ever you have any questions.

Technology FAQs

While you can use automated services and machine translation for all sorts of content to save time and money, you must just be aware that it cannot guarantee the same level of quality and accuracy as human translation, subtitling, transcription and voiceover services. Ideal for large quantities of material and extremely useful for internal use within your company.

We can integrate our translation platform with over 50 popular content platforms such as Hubspot, WordPress, Figma, Adobe Commerce, Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint to name just a few!

Machine translation technology has improved immensely over the past few years, thanks mainly to advancements in neural technology. Having said this, while good for gist and many types of content, if you are looking for a 100% accurate & reliable target text, using raw machine translation is not often recommended. Post-editing by a professional linguist will improve the final flow and accuracy.

All of the automated services that we offer are reviewed by a human editor and then undergo a Quality Assurance check by our translation project managers. So, if you use Dialogue’s automated services, then the answer is ‘yes, you can’!

Kudos incorporates over 30 hours of online training plus 18 hours of “live” group training sessions. Blended learning is widely recognised as the most effective and engaging way to fully absorb all of the material. But Dialogue also offers fully remote and fully face-to-face group and individual English language training – tailored to you. Take a read of our language and cultural training pages to find out more.