Kudos (noun): admiration or credibility

Do your English language skills give you Kudos?


Do your English language skills give you Kudos?

We know there are many on-line training videos that promise to improve your English, so why should you choose Kudos?

Read on and we’ll explain! At Dialogue, we have been listening to our students over the years and as a response, are now creating a library of English support videos called Kudos. We have based these video modules on the following key language-learning principles:

  • Scientific research demonstrates that the more you enjoy, the more you learn
  • You need to revisit new language skills in different ways and at different times to master them
  • If a language topic is relevant to you, you’ll learn it faster
  • Language is not just vocabulary or grammar, it’s culture and confidence too

Kudos is different from the videos that are currently on the market and on the web, because we are creating modules based around you, our learners.

So, what were your questions and comments?

‘I need flexibility around when I can learn and revise my English. What can I do?’

You know you need expert support, and you want to learn in a productive, stimulating and, above all, enjoyable way. But you need the freedom to learn when it suits you.

Our videos are a response to this real issue. Rob and the training team at Dialogue have created a set of English videos to allow you access to his particular style of teaching, but in your own time.

‘I need to improve my English, so what is the best way?

A variety of methods is really important and you should try a mixture of online, free conversation with fluent speakers and of course some structured lessons.

To add to your options, Dialogue has developed a library of 20-25-minute English training videos, accompanied by detailed worksheets that provide extra tips and over an hour’s worth of exercises to develop those skills.

‘I need training that’s relevant to me and my job’

The modules are grouped according to Business Function or Linguistic Function. You can see and choose the modules which suit you best. Every month we add new content, based around the feedback that we receive from you, the users, so there is always new, interesting and relevant material to learn from.

‘Clear training from a quality trainer costs so much’

Do you want clear, concise, human training? Do you want a 1-1 lesson but at an affordable price?

Rob shows you how English works, what the common problems are whilst getting you to use the language too. There’s also a great focus on natural pronunciation and culture.

Rob’s lessons are full of energy; he has a unique (sometimes cheeky) and engaging style. And you can go back again and again…and again.

‘I want to learn actively and not passively – how will video training do that?’

Being engaged in a lesson is the best and fastest way to learn and improve your skills. Video learning can be passive: you receive, rather than use, information. So how does Kudos overcome this?

Well, we have Rob. He talks to you directly. His energy and passion for learning allow you to be fully involved. And of course, the worksheets let you practise what you have learnt during the video.

If you want to explore a topic further? When you subscribe to Kudos, you can also book a face-to-face lesson with Rob or one of our other expert trainers, either via video conference or in person.

What is so special about Rob? This is what previous students have said:

  • His boundless energy makes the classes dynamic and stimulating. He can be a talker, but you always learn something unexpected which is linguistically or culturally important.

  • Rob was my teacher and I would like to recommend the experience to everybody. I learned a lot of English, improved my skills and it made me more comfortable and confident with my English speeches. It was really good to see how I was progressing during the classes.

  • He is a really good person with a big heart.

  • I’ve became aware of some grammar, moreover I’ve also discovered something new about our national feature never known before. If he hasn’t done it yet, he should establish courses for English teachers.

  • Rob was clear, patient, encouraging, professional, interesting and humorous

Video Subscription

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Each video comes with worksheets and answer sheets. In addition, you will have the option of being able to add either a 1 hour or 30-minute lesson to boost your learning.

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