What to look out for when hiring a Translation Service Provider

Did you know that the Language Services market in the UK is valued at a whopping £1.75billion and there are over 1600 translation companies in the UK alone to choose from? If this sector is new to you, navigating the maze of translation providers and service options can be challenging. Here are Dialogue’s top 10 …

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The Story of our CEO at Dialogue: A History

Nicola on her graduation day, in her gown and hat, smiling at the camera

The story of our CEO People often ask me, ‘why did you start up your own company and what has it been like?’ If you had known me as a child, I don’t think you would have pictured me as a business owner – maybe a carer of people or animals but of a business, …

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Values, Values, Values: Why Dialogue Wins Over Clients

Paper snippets with values written on them

Values, Values, Values: Why Dialogue Wins Over Clients Values, values, values, says Rob, it’s all about the values. We love them so much that we all have a nice little company mug with our values on, to remind us of them every day. Who doesn’t love a bit of company merch? But in all seriousness, …

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My Language Barrier Experience in Paris

A lady standing in front of the Eiffel tower at sunset

My Trip to Paris! At the start of June, my friend and I took a trip to Paris. We were super excited! We visited the Arc de Triomphe, Notre-Dame, went up the Eiffel Tower alongside other typical touristy things. But I want to make the focus of this blog less about what we did but …

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