The Power of Language Training: Increased effectiveness of your workforce

Increased effectiveness of your workforce

Q: What connects: George Bernard Shaw, Oscar Wilde and Winston Churchill?   A: They’re all supposed to have created the famous quotation along the lines of:   Great Britain and America: 2 nations separated by a common language Now, if getting 2 sets of people who supposedly speak the same language to understand each other …

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7 reasons why learning English online is best for your team in 2022

Online learning

Turns out that by 2010, more than half of the world’s population had become bilingual. While the reasons why are varied—from migration needs to the digital transformation driving globalisation—more and more people found it necessary to develop the ability to speak more than one language. After digital interconnectivity improvements allowed for a global reach, this …

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Why is learning business English important?

Chinese may be the most spoken language in the world, but this is due to the sheer number of the Chinese population. English, however, is the international language of business and is a skill ever increasingly sought after by employers. If you’re working in the UK, America, Australia, or any other English-speaking country, then learning …

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