Polish before Publishing

Microsoft office

What goes on behind the scenes… Translation software, such as CAT tools, has revolutionised the way we work on translations. We’ve long spoken about the benefits that Translation Memories have on consistency, that tags have on preserving HTML codes, and how their interfaces streamline project management. But one benefit that isn’t spoken about as often …

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How subtitles are revolutionising the way we consume video content

Watching a video on the bus

For many households, the television has been the centrepiece of family entertainment over the past few decades. However, many viewers will be completely unaware of how significantly the way we consume video content has changed. One of the biggest transformations will be noticed by those who are reliant on, or are simply users of, subtitles. …

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The Importance of Interpreting in the Media Industry

Interpreting booth language services

Subtitling and voiceover are the language services most commonly associated with the media industry, and while they do make up a healthy portion of the language services procured by media clients, they aren’t the only ones! Interpreting also plays a vital role in removing the language barrier in media consumption. Media interpreting has become a …

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Dialogue’s Guide to Quality Translation

So, you’ve established the content that you need to get translated (which may or may not have been a complex or painstaking process). You’re now delighted to hand the next step over to someone who can wave a linguistic wand and turn it into something that will open doors for you internationally. A bit of …

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