How Latin Unlocks Language Learning

Latin language Dialogue language services

“Latin?” I hear you say. “Isn’t that a thing of the past?” Well, yes, it all started in the past, but Latin has had a tremendous influence on many of the modern languages we speak around the world today. Let’s take a look at how Latin, one of the building blocks of the English language …

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Why the ATC Awards’ recognition beats tinned pineapple – and why YOU should care


Drum roll. “And the ATC Awards for Best Project Manager and Best New Company go to…” I’ve never won anything in my entire life – nothing, nada, niente! Apart from a tin of pineapple at a school fete too many moons ago. So, you can imagine my delight when Dialogue scooped two of the ATC …

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The Language of Our Time

The word language highlighted in a book in pink

There are over 7,000 languages spoken world-wide, at least half of the world’s population are bilingual and countless words are being added to dictionaries across the world every year. Language is alive! Here at Dialogue, we work with over 200 languages and our in-house team are proud to be able to speak an impressive 8 …

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