Transcreation: A Guide to Service Processes

Haribo German language packaging

What is Transcreation? Transcreation is a type of linguistic service which allows businesses to ensure that the emotional response in individuals that is evoked in one language, can be replicated across a variety of languages and cultures. Not only this, but the consultative process needed to successfully transcreate helps to avoid marketing blunders and cultural …

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What to look out for when hiring a Translation Service Provider

Did you know that the Language Services market in the UK is valued at a whopping £1.75billion and there are over 1600 translation companies in the UK alone to choose from? If this sector is new to you, navigating the maze of translation providers and service options can be challenging. Here are Dialogue’s top 10 …

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The Language of Our Time

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There are over 7,000 languages spoken world-wide, at least half of the world’s population are bilingual and countless words are being added to dictionaries across the world every year. Language is alive! Here at Dialogue, we work with over 200 languages and our in-house team are proud to be able to speak an impressive 8 …

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