Voiceovers & Subtitling

Making your corporate film, social media videos or e-learning materials accessible to overseas markets doesn’t have to be a complex and costly exercise. With 25+ years’ experience in the business, our voiceover and subtitling agency will carefully assess your objectives and budget, and make your video work for your target markets.

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Voiceovers or subtitling?  

So, you have your finished movie but you need it to resonate in different market places. You need it to be effective in different cultures. So what is the next step? Contact Dialogue; our expertise will guide you through the pros and cons of voiceovers or subtitling and what’s right for your film and objectives 


Voiceovers can be slicker and easier to follow if there are already a lot of on–screen graphics or text; however the cost will be higher than subtitling. Read More


Subtitles may work well in countries more used to watching subtitled films; they are quicker to create and are cheaper. But not everyone finds them easy to read on screen – particularly if the script is fast and the film is already graphics-heavy. Compromises may need to be made in the subtitling translation to accommodate timings and onscreen space. More about subtitles. Read more

To Begin The Process

Ask yourself these questions and then contact us to identify the solution and price:

  • What’s my budget?
  • What’s my timeframe?
  • Who are the target markets?
  • Do I have a transcript of the audio?
  • Who is the film intended for?

Our Voiceover and Subtitling Process

Step 1.

You brief us on the audio/visual alongside your target audience.

Step 2.

You choose from a range of solutions.

Step 3.

You get on with your core job and let us do the groundwork.

Step 4.

We process the transcripts, translation and rendering and proof.

Step 5.

You receive your high quality video with new voiceover or subtitles ready for upload.

Step 6.

We feed back to the translators any of your preferences or changes of style to ensure continuous improvement.

Voiceover and Subtitling Services FAQs 

Voiceover is slicker and easier to follow but takes longer to produce and is more expensive. While it may suit your budget, some viewers find reading subtitles off-putting and if you have a lot of on-screen graphics, subtitling may not work. Talk to us and we will advise, depending on objectives, film format and budgets. 

Subtitling is about three times cheaper than voiceovers and can be turned around much more quickly. It costs from £5 per minute for a short film.  

There is no limit to language – Dialogue has subtitlers in all languages, and can of course provide subtitling in English where required too.