Multilingual Voiceover Services

Professional voiceover recordings can be a complex process and very expensive to fix if they don’t go according to plan. As well as a sound translation, getting the right tone, style and feel to the voice is key to gaining the desired impact. That’s why it’s paramount to use the right voiceover agency.

Why you need Dialogue’s Professional voiceover services

You need an agency that is able to reflect the quality, time and money that you invested into the original video in the translated version. Dialogue takes the pressure off you so that you can concentrate on your core job

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The most common applications for voiceovers 

Dialogue commonly provides multilingual voiceovers for e-learning courses, training films and podcasts, but we also offer the same services for:  

TV, radio and web commercials 

Computer games 

Promotional videos 


Our Professional Voiceover Process  

Step 1.

You give us an in-depth briefing about your business and what your film needs to convey.  

Step 2.

We create a workflow that matches your brief – including transcription, localisation and recording. You and, if possible your local office, choose from a selection of voiceover artists according to gender, tone and accent.  

Step 3.

Our specialist linguists work their magic on your script.  

Step 4.

Each stage of the process is subjected to a thorough proof check, to review accuracy, timings and clarity. 

Step 5.

You receive the final film in the format requested within the agreed timeframe.

Step 6.

You or your local office review and sign off the localised video and release to the local markets. 

I was really pleased with the quick and accurate service Dialogue gave us. Our video introduced our new Chief Executive to our 40,000 colleagues in BA so it was crucial it was as accessible to everyone as it could be. The decision to add subtitles, however, was taken close to the video’s publication date, and Dialogue was able to take the brief and deliver the video back to us right on our tight schedule. We’ll definitely be looking to work with them again

British Airways

British Airways

- Head of Internal Communications

We use Dialogue as a much needed back up and overflow service. Dialogue have been nothing but helpful, projects delivered well within time, and any last minute adjustments made without a fuss. Reliable and cost effective, a set of services that VoiceBox very much relies on.


10/10 for all categories – We keep coming back to Dialogue UK for a reason! Their professionalism, communication, and quality of work is stellar and we are grateful to have them as a partner in business



As a trusted vendor, Dialogue has supported numerous translation projects for our global sales enablement programs. They consistently deliver high quality services with great turn times and under budget



Cambridge Cognition is a leading neuroscience technology company providing gold standard clinical trials software, accelerating safe and effective treatment development, and helping to improve patient outcomes in conditions affecting brain health. We have worked with the team at Dialogue on a regular basis for translations so that we can provide a great user experience for our global customer base. Dialogue have helped us achieve some tight project deadlines and have provided guidance and support in the projects we have worked on together.

Cambridge Cognition

Cambridge Cognition

We’ve worked with Dialogue UK a lot recently. They are extremely helpful and friendly. They worked very well under a very tight time schedule and delivered extremely high quality subtitles in 12 different languages as well as excellent quality voiceovers in 2 different languages for our films. Highly recommended.

Nomadic Creatives

Voiceover Services FAQs 

A 2 min film will take up to 3 working days and a 10 min film will take up to 6 days. Additional languages can be done consecutively. 

A 2 min film with voiceover in one language costs from £400; subsequent languages will therefore cost from £400 per language. 

Give us: your film, male/female requirements, language list, voiceover tone, how you will use the video, deadline and let us do the rest. It’s as simple as that – leave it with the experts and you can then concentrate on your core job. 

To keep your costs lower, our voiceover artists have their own recording studios, negating the need to hire a studio.