Flexible interpreting solutions for your business' needs

Whether it’s a lastminute business pitch to a client, a court hearing or a multinational conference, Dialogue will always work quickly to get a professional interpreting team in place to enable slick, unhindered communication.

Our team is fluent in over 200 languages, so whether you need our interpreters in Arabic or Zulu, we can help you. 

Ideal and cost-effective where a face-to-face meeting is not essential or connecting multiple participants from various locations or countries is required. Your interpreter is patched into your meeting and interprets as and when required.

Ideal for conferences and presentations: the oral translation of one language to another, delivered in real-time. Interpreting is delivered to delegates via earpieces from pairs of interpreters working together in conference booths.

Ideal for meetings, consecutive interpreting happens over sections of speech. Here the interpreter waits for a suitable break before delivering the speech in the target language. Technical equipment is rarely required.

We also offer British Sign Language interpreting, delivering information and services to those who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing in their preferred language, be that in meetings or at conferences, to ease communication and networking. 

Interpreting Services FAQs

Interpreting charges vary by language but are normally charged by the day (from £1000) or half day (from £600). Any travel/living expenses are usually charged on top, depending on set-up. Note that Dialogue prides itself on high-quality, ISO-certified interpreting services – we do not provide low-cost / budget options for interpreting (although such options are available elsewhere).

For conferences or larger meetings requiring simultaneous interpreting you will need interpreter booths and headsets which we can provide and set up. Otherwise, generally, you shouldn’t need any equipment. 

For over 25 years Dialogue has been employing the top interpreters in the industry: highly-qualified, vetted by the Chartered Institute of Linguists, tested, and offering vast experience within conference, commercial and legal environments. Constant feedback and monitoring ensures continual professional development. 

Our Linguists