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Simultaneous Interpreting Services

Do you have an event coming up that has a multilingual audience? Or where the pace of the event cannot be slowed down to cater for the non-speakers of the source language? Then the simultaneous interpretation of what is being said, sometimes referred to as conference or concurrent interpreting, will solve this problem.

It will enable you to connect fully with your international contacts, eliminating linguistic advantage to the host country.

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simultaneous interpreting

What is Simultaneous Interpreting? 

More often than not, presenter and audience make up the two component parts; i.e. one speaking and one (group) listening. Interpreters, often sitting apart from the speaker in a booth and wearing headphones, translate the words of a speaker into the target language, whilst listening to, understanding and remembering the next sentences that are spoken. With no pauses!  

In fact, it can require such careful focus that simultaneous interpreters tend to work in teams of two, rotating every 30 minutes or so. They don’t have time to dwell on alternative translations, nor to ask for clarification and it’s important they keep their concentration and energy levels high! A good interpreter needs to know the topic and does their research well in advance.  

Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment

Simultaneous interpreting often requires a full audio link for the audience, so specialist equipment is needed:

  • A main microphone and transmitter for presenters
  • A receiver and earpiece set for audience members
  • Headsets for interpreters
  • Potentially an interpreting booth

Dialogue supplies and sets all this up for you as part of the service: just let us know the venue and we organise the rest.

However, it may be that technology is not required and ‘whispering interpreting’ (or chuchotage) is more appropriate.

Dialogue will always advise you on the best solution for your needs.

Advantages of Dialogue’s Simultaneous Interpreting service  

Good for large-scale events that need to run smoothly (e.g. conferences). 

Particularly useful for audiences of mixed nationality as allows for more than one language being interpreted simultaneously. 

Time-efficient if you have a tight schedule; it doesn’t disturb the natural flow of the speaker, keeping the energy and momentum going. 

Using Dialogue, you’ll have a single point of contact, as we organise the interpreters, their event briefings and all the equipment that you need.  

With Dialogue you can be sure of the best interpreters in the country at your event. 

Our job is interpreting, freeing up your time to run a successful event.  

Some of our Simultaneous Interpreting language pairs

At Dialogue our wide network of skilled interpreters are perfectly placed to interpret at events in a variety of language pairs. Currently our most commonly required languages are English/Arabic, English/German, English/Chinese and English/French.

How do Dialogue’s Simultaneous Interpreting services work?  

Step 1.

We set up a pre-event briefing to establish the best service for you – technologically and linguistically – as well as the event’s objectives. 

Step 2.

We select the most suitable interpreters from our world class network and brief them with as many relevant materials as possible. 

Step 3.

If required, we set up a conference call between you, our interpreters and us to drill down on any questions or preferences. 

Step 4.

We deliver and set up the equipment and do the necessary checks at least 24 hours before the event. 

Step 5.

We liaise with our team and ensure everyone is ready to go the night before. 

Step 6.

You arrive at the event allowing you to do what you do best: your job. 

Why use Dialogue’s Simultaneous Interpreting services? 

 Simultaneous interpreting is a challenging job, and isn’t simply a question of speaking the target language. It takes years to qualify professionally and requires a lot of quickthinking and stamina to get right.  

Dialogue’s German interpreting services are always professional. We couldn’t ask for any more from a company which clearly understands our business.

MAN Truck & Bus

MAN Truck & Bus

- HR Manager

Dialogue UK are my go-to supplier for all things language related. They are approachable, quick to respond and always accurate with the content they turn around for us. As an aside from being easy to work with, they have very competitive rates and cover all the languages we ever need.

Said Business School, Oxford University

Said Business School, Oxford University

Over the years Dialogue has provided a fast and professional translation service, allowing us to support generating set customers worldwide.



Simultaneous Interpreting FAQs

The interpreters sit in a booth and translate into headsets what’s being presented simultaneously. The audience will hear the translation in their own language through an earpiece connected to the interpreters.  

A microphone for the presenter, a receiver and earpiece for the audience, interpreter headsets, and often an interpreting booth. Dialogue can provide and set up all of this.  

This is generally appropriate for larger gatherings such as conferences, particularly where there is a multilingual audience requiring several languages.  With this option, the pace of the event won’t be slowed by the process of interpretation. 

It is more expensive due to the equipment costs and the need for interpreters to work in pairs, doubling the interpreting costs per language. But it is much more practical and slick for large gatherings.