Interpretation Services

Have you ever been in a situation where you wish you understood what was being said? Whether in meetings, pitches, presentations or conferences – you don’t need to struggle to understand or get your point across. Use Dialogue’s experienced, qualified, specialist interpreters to do it for you.

Languages we interpret

At Dialogue we have a large team who are fluent in a wide variety of languages, so we can provide simultaneous, consecutive and telephone interpretation for the many languages from Afrikaans to Zulu, browse the full list of languages.

What kind of Interpreting Services do I need?

There are 3 kinds of interpreting services available to you: 

Simultaneous Interpretation

Ideal for conferences and presentations:

Simultaneous interpreting happens momentarily after the original sentence has been spoken.

Simultaneous interpretation services

Consecutive Interpretation

Ideal for meetings, consecutive interpreting happens over sections of speech. Here the interpreter waits for a suitable break before delivering the speech in the target language.

Consecutive interpretation services

Telephone & Video Interpretation

Ideal and cost-effective where a face-to-face meeting is not essential. Your audiovisual interpreter will be patched into your conference call and will interpret as and when required.

Telephone interpretation

Simultaneous vs Consecutive Interpretation

Simultaneous Interpreting 

Often the classic image of interpreting (think UN, international conferences) – people with earpieces and microphones, interpreters often sitting in a booth. They may sit next to the delegate and whisper what is being said. It’s very demanding and interpreters will often work in pairs in 30 minute shifts to relieve this pressure, meaning extra costs. It is the oral translation of one language to another, delivered in real time. Unlike consecutive interpretation, where the speaker pauses every sentence or two to allow the interpreter to translate, simultaneous interpretation keeps pace with the speaker throughout the speech or presentation.

Consecutive Interpreting 

As the interpreter is effectively repeating what has been said, you’ll inevitably need twice the amount of time as for a standard meeting. One interpreter can work with a larger group of people and technical equipment is rarely required. Consecutive interpreting is often used on telephone calls or conference calls. 

Interpreting Services FAQs

Interpreting charges vary by language but are normally charged by the day (from £1000) or half day (from £600). Any travel/living expenses are usually charged on top, depending on set-up. 

For conferences or larger meetings requiring simultaneous interpreting you will need interpreter booths and headsets which we can provide and set up. Otherwise, generally, you shouldn’t need any equipment. 

For over 25 years Dialogue has been employing the top interpreters in the industry: highly-qualified, vetted by the Chartered Institute of Linguists, tested, and offering vast experience within conference, commercial and legal environments. Constant feedback and monitoring ensures continual professional development. 

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