Values, Values, Values: Why Dialogue Wins Over Clients

Values, values, values, says Rob, it’s all about the values.

We love them so much that we all have a nice little company mug with our values on, to remind us of them every day. Who doesn’t love a bit of company merch?

But in all seriousness, these values 100% underpin the work we do at Dialogue on a daily basis and are what have helped us grow to be the global language services provider that we are today.

Having started as a small company in 1994, Dialogue has grown rapidly to become an international company working with clients across a multitude of countries and industries – from Renault to Forrester, Enterprise Holdings to No7 Beauty Company, to name but a few of our much-loved clients. So, where have the vast majority of these clients come from? Quite simply, via word of mouth – referred to us by happy clients, and loyal, dedicated linguists. Why?

Because we are value-driven and good at what we do. So, not wanting to blow our own trumpet (but yes, we’re going to), here are some of the reasons why YOU should come to Dialogue:

Issy sitting at her desk holding the Dialogue mug
Dialogue teal mug with values written in white down the side

Issy enjoying her morning coffee from her favourite mug

1. We Give Goosebumps

The way our in-house team responds and values our clients makes all the difference. We drill down to understand quickly what your language challenges are and find solutions that meet your budget and deadlines. Going that extra mile in reality looks like this: 10+ phone calls in order to secure top interpreters for timeslots that work for you, providing transcriptions, translations, and subtitles of a video in just under 8 hours, manually formatting your PowerPoints and PDFs, picking you up from the airport for your residential English course, and quickly providing you with language trainers for the gaps in your upcoming, all-important course starting on Monday. We help because we care.

2. We focus on the fun

Life is better when you’re smiling. You only have to watch a couple of Rob’s English language videos to see that we don’t take ourselves toooo seriously!  Laughing helps the learning. We have had loads of testimonials recently from English language students who have not only really enjoyed our new online learning platform, Kudos, but whose working life and career progress have been impacted in a positive way.

3. We hold on to our humanity

We may work with machines to help deliver some of our services, but we are not machines! In the translation department, every client has their own dedicated account manager, who knows exactly how to meet their client’s translation requirements. This personalised service means that you are not passed around to other project managers, but are left in reliable, loyal hands. We have good relationships with our linguists, are flexible, understanding, quick to respond and always able to come up with new ideas to meet your individual needs.

4. We act with authenticity

On the back of that last one, we are also realistic and upfront about what is and isn’t achievable. We manage expectations and tell you what we can do about it. A 20,000-word translation needed by ‘yesterday’, isn’t always a doable job at a first glance, but we are prepared to be flexible and creative in our approach – different linguists working in tandem, delivering files by order of priority, working with you to draw up a unique contract – these are just some of the things we can do to deliver the job you want doing in a way that works for everyone.

5. We learn for life

We’re big on feedback. We want to hear what you think and how we can provide the best service possible. A case in point is how we handle our cultural coaching courses: Dialogue has trained delegates relocating to Dubai, China, Germany, the US and the UK. We obtain feedback from our students six months after they have relocated to their target country in order to improve our next course. Our courses have all received a satisfaction rating of over 95%! On top of that we believe in training our own staff to continue improving themselves and their deliverables day-on-day so we are ALL moving forwards.

6. We target our time

We always meet deadlines and use our time intelligently. If you don’t believe us, just check out what these companies have said about Dialogue:

What people are saying about us

Perhaps it’s time for you to see why everyone is spreading the Dialogue word, why we’re such a big deal, and why you’ve been missing out? Why not book a free, no-obligation language consultation with us today here?

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