Brief info

I started enjoying languages as soon as I was 11 when I learnt English. I then learnt German, 2 years later, Russian (trying my best!) at University and some Spanish, so it is all natural for me to want to share my passion for languages by teaching my own: French! I’ve been doing that for now 32 years in the UK and it is fascinating to discover how your own language can be learnt through tips and tricks in order to make an impact and help learners to get a grip of it.

My motto: the more you use it, the better you become at it. Sounds simple but only some sort of (non-boring) routine helps to achieve that. I wouldn’t be able to do anything else with the same passion and I love to share anything you need to learn about my country (culture, food, history…) to anybody who is interested and wants to discover more.

Personal Fact

I’m building my family tree and have now discovered why I feel so passionate about languages with the variety of individuals who are part of it!

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