Jamie’s Italian



Inspired by Jamie’s passion for the Italian way of life, Jamie’s Italian exploded into life in the UK in 2008. Since then it’s bubbled over rapidly into nine different countries and is cooking up great plans for new markets over the coming years.



To assist with Jamie’s expansion into new markets, including Russia and Hong Kong, Dialogue was tasked with localising his menus for consumption by the locals in each country. The key challenge was finding the right tone for each market, given the distinct ‘Jamie’ flavour of his menus.


  • The first challenge was establishing the right tone for complex concepts such as Posh Chips and Funky Chips.
  • Close consultation followed with the local team in London and chefs in the regions to agree on the right Jamie style for each market.
  • Dialogue then created a glossary of culinary terms and dishes which was reviewed and agreed with the local chefs.
  • Each menu was then translated directly into Indesign to save time and money, on the basis of the agreed glossary and any style guides.
  • Finally the copy went through Dialogue’s strict ISO 17100 quality assurance processes to ensure that the copy submitted was 100% accurate.
  • Storing the menus in our translation memory made subsequent updates easy, cost effective and swift.




Jamie fans all over Europe are now chomping away on his delights in the full knowledge of what they are eating. A delightful contract and we look forward to helping Jamie connoisseurs enjoy his recipes in more countries in the future.


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