Photo of metal casting production in a warehouse


Doncasters has come a long way since its foundation 250 years ago in Sheffield. Now a leading international manufacturer of high-precision alloy components, it operates across 11 production sites in the US and Europe. and specialist applications.


The linguistic challenge presented to Dialogue was to help Doncasters train staff across their US, UK and Germany offices on a new management platform. The initial brief was to translate training manuals but a more efficient way was deemed to be to get everyone together online and to deliver the training using simultaneous interpreting via 55 workshops over the course of 6 months. The workshops were provided in German, so Dialogue was tasked with the challenge to provide a seamless and high-quality interpreting service to their US and UK teams.


·       Pull together a 6-month schedule of workshops

·       Establish and prep a team of simultaneous interpreters for paired interpreting delivery

·       Brief interpreters on terminology, style and etiquette for the training

·       Set Doncasters staff up on Dialogue’s interpreting platform to ensure smooth and easy-to-use video calling

·       Provide technical support throughout every training session

·       Respond to ongoing feedback for continual improved delivery


Mike Broughan, Head of FUSION, Doncasters, commented after the first day “Tremendously successful day today; the Dialogue team were top class!!” The almost-real-time simulcast interpreting technique allows our German and English-speaking colleagues to work seamlessly together side-by-side and in a way we hadn’t foreseen. Dialogue has helped us remove the language barrier between the teams far better than we thought possible and this carries a high financial value for us.”

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