Dialogue’s multilingual localisation propels Omron Academy into EMEA region, inching company closer to global vision


·      No. of employees: approximately 30,000

·      Industry: medical equipment and health monitoring

·      Project type: multilingual localisation

OMRON Healthcare is a global leader in clinically proven, innovative medical equipment for health monitoring and therapy.

OMRON Academy is their online medical e-learning platform providing free courses and webinars for healthcare professionals (HCPs).


·      OMRON Healthcare Europe is active in multiple countries in the EMEA region. Seeking to maximise HCP education and ability, the organisation needed the OMRON Academy platform to be accessible on a more widespread scale.

·      Due to the heavily medical content, complex medical terminology was involved.

·      Sensitive localisation of the content for each market was crucial in connecting with target audiences and helping them interact fully with the platform in their native languages.


·      Make courses available in 8 languages spoken widely across EMEA region: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Polish, German and Arabic.

·      Medical specialised linguists with experience in terminology and jargon required, meaning less time and input required from Omron team.

·      Linguists were able to access the OMRON Academy platform directly for contextual guidance, enabling them to familiarise themselves with the content further and in context, increasing first-time accuracy of translations.

·      Rapid response times to queries relating to source content meant translations were glitch-free and often went live in advance of the required deadline, streamlining Omron’s internal timing commitments.

·      Smooth, approachable and efficient collaboration with Dialogue account managers, building trust and reassurance on the client side so they could focus on their own tasks and responsibilities.



·      Sensitive and impactful communication with new markets, boosting OMRON reputation and platform resonance with users.

·      Augmentation of the reach, visibility and accessibility of OMRON Academy, enhancing learning and development of a higher number of HCPs.

·      Improved HCP ability and credibility as a result of remaining up to date on scientific advances and medical advice via Omron Academy.

·      Resulting in higher chance of consumers reducing the risk of heart attacks, strokes and respiratory issues, the three medical conditions which, with their ‘’Going for Zero’’ vision, Omron aims to eliminate.

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