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Every year British GQ hosts the Men of the Year event and awards in London and during this event, the Condé Nast media team captures a range of video content that then appears online. We were approached by them during their search for a partner to assist the post-production team with on-site captioning for all the video content produced on the night for release the same night.


·      The nature of a live, high-profile event is naturally one of tight timeframes and fast-moving processes.

·      We had 30 films to caption within 4 hours (plus quality checks) so, to help boost productivity and efficiency, we implemented a combination of AI generation with human editing.

·      Immense care and attention to detail was therefore required during the QA stages.

·      Flexibility was key as instant priority needed to be placed on specific interview content so it could be released in order of priority.



·      Dress rehearsals arranged in advance to ensure smooth running and familiarity with processes and expectations on both sides.


·      Style guide agreed pre-event (font colour, line length, typeface) to ensure no last-minute doubts or clarifications that would slow things down on the night.


·      Dialogue’s hybrid AI + human approach gave Condé Nast rapid turnaround of content at a much faster rate than previous years.


Dialogue’s expertise, ability and can-do attitude helped find a solution to the issue of previous years of time taken. It also ensured help a smoother running of the filming editing which, in turn, contributed positively to Condé Nast’s reputation and ongoing relationship with British GQ.

Plus of course, with a few Fleabag fans in our team, rubbing shoulders with Andrew Scott wasn’t the worst thing in the world for a Wednesday evening!

See some of our handiwork on the night below…

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