Transcreation: Your New Marketing Weapon

What is transcreation?

Before we start, let’s briefly go over what transcreation is…

Transcreation is the buzz word of 2022. If you sell in more than one language, it’s a powerful tool. It can really boost your sales conversion rates as it’s a whole lot more than translation…

Transcreation aims to fire up the same emotional response in target consumers, tapping into key cultural and value-based differences in their own country. The word blends ‘translation’ and ‘creation,’ resulting in a translation process used to adapt advertising, marketing, and communications materials so they have the same emotional appeal in different target markets. The materials you’ve had transcreated might look very different from the originals, simply because transcreating delivers an entirely adapted message rather than a translation that’s been localised.

The intent and style of the original remain in place, but it is cleverly adapted so it appeals directly and strongly to a very particular target audience.

You can imagine how powerful it is to encounter a marketing message that taps directly into your taste and traditions, your way of using language, and your way of seeing life. And in contrast, how disturbing it is to come across a product or service described in a way that’s very unfamiliar to you, difficult to grasp, or maybe even offensive.   

Of all linguistic services that can help marketers reach their target audience with impact, transcreation comes in at first place. Transcreation is a tool that truly enables marketers to reach more hearts and minds — minds that think in another language, and hearts that beat to the rhythm of another culture.

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Why is transcreation important?

It is important to remember that, while some concepts are easily understood in certain cultures, others aren’t. Transcreating them ensures they have the desired effect overseas. If you don’t transcreate your content when targeting international markets, you risk failing to get your brand message across or, even worse, offending your new target audience.

Take the case of an incident that happened in the United Arab Emirates where Puma launched a line of trainers in the colours of the UAE flag—red, white, black, and green—to commemorate the country’s 40th anniversary in 2011. However, instead of endearing Emiratis to the brand, the product provoked a livid response, with the act of putting the country’s flag onto a shoe considered to be disrespectful. As shoes touch both the feet and the ground, they are seen as extremely dirty in Arabic culture. Again, a transcreated product launch would have helped Puma to avoid this embarrassing outcome.

How can I use transcreation as a marketing tool?

Long gone are the days when translation alone was enough for international brands to go to export successfully. Today, customers expect content that appeals to them on a personal level, and in response, brands strive to create messages that really resonate and connect with their audience. Transcreation is also growing amongst companies that are eager to enter new markets on the right foot and want to make an impactful first impression. 

As we explored in our previous Dialogue blog,  transcreation is the adaptation of one message into another language, bearing in mind the cultural context of the audience reading or seeing it. The adaptation of references such as use of colours, symbols, images, and the message will ensure cultural suitability. No more literal word for word translations, as transcreation delivers on conveying the general concept of the message in a culturally appropriate manner.

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Here are a few reasons why you should use transcreation as your new marketing weapon this year...

Marketing Weapon Point 1: Better SEO results

By aligning with local users’ thought processes, you can take the original concept instead of simply translated keywords. Your audience will be more readily drawn to click through the content, which signals search engines that it is pertinent. The result is improved relevance and content that meets your audience’s questions.

Marketing Weapon Point 2: Boosted Brand Awareness

By adapting your content marketing to different cultures for your international audiences, you’ll improve brand awareness in those regions, ultimately leading to increased traffic, return visitors user engagement and conversions.

Marketing Weapon Point 3: Attract an International Audience

Transcreation is more than just words and translating text; it’s about connecting with your target audience, so they’ll recognise you as a brand that speaks in a local voice. By transcreating, you show your international visitors that you know and understand their culture and respect their values.

Not only will transcreation expand your reach, but it will also keep your audience engaged.

When you deliver content that is relevant and designed specifically to your audience, users are more likely to trust in your brand and keep returning to you.

At Dialogue we can help you get started with transcreation services; why not contact us today to launch your new marketing weapon?

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