Our New Year’s Pledge to you

New Year. A time for new beginnings, organising our lives, cleaning our desks and of course, making some New Year’s resolutions. At Dialogue, we thought that it would only be fitting to make some of our own resolutions, promises to YOU, our much-loved clients, for 2023. But since it’s only the 4th of January and some of us have already started sneakily (or shamelessly) eating chocolate again, I think Dialogue should instead make a pledge – a solemn promise, a commitment – to you. Unlike resolutions, these are promises that we are all 100% committed to keeping. Read on to find out what you can expect from us in 2023.

What do we pledge?

1. To focus on the fun

You might be thinking that this is a strange pledge to make especially at a time when the word ‘permacrisis’ has just been claimed by Collins Dictionary as the word of the year for 2022; a word that captures what it feels like to live during a time of war, inflation and political instability. And what with the cost of living at a record high, it is not surprising that the number of people who say they avoid the news because it puts them in a bad mood has doubled over the past 5 years to almost half of UK consumers.

So yes, we believe that it is important at a time like this not to plunge into the depths of despair, but to continue to provide useful, engaging and creative free content (check out our informative blogs and fun language videos for English learners on our Kudos Instagram page) as well as top quality services that meet your needs and fit a range of budgets at such a difficult time.

2. To reduce costs

According to the Office of National Statistics, ¾ of Britons report that they are worried about the cost-of-living crisis. This is something that we take seriously and our focusing on fun and creativity does not mean that we are ignoring the problem and hoping it will go away. Absolutely not. On the contrary, we are actively taking steps to do our bit and help you to lower your costs.


For our translation services, we make the most of ever-evolving technology to improve our efficiency and save you money. We offer discounts on any previously translated content – our Translation Memory Software, provided by Phrase, automatically recognises repetitions and 70 – 100% matches in a text, which we then quote at a discounted rate to you. It also helps to maintain consistency in your content and material, keeping the same words and phrases across the board. It is worth noting that this is not an industry norm – not all companies offer reduced rates for repeated content.

3. To offer more solutions

We also have 3 translation service levels for you to choose from: silver, gold and platinum. We always listen to you and can advise you about which service level suits your translation needs best and works for the budget you are able to spend. Our silver and gold services come at a reduced cost too – offering you more options. Advances in technology and AI mean that we now also provide automated services: machine translation, desktop publishing, auto captions, voiceovers and transcription. Of course, these are always delivered with a human touch – edited by human linguists and handled by our friendly project managers.


We always strive to keep up to date with the latest technology and on the training side, that means that remote lessons are often the solution your business is looking for. Not only do Zoom/Teams lessons save money on the commute, but they are super convenient as they can take place anytime and anywhere that suits you. Our very own Ed-tech platform, Kudos, created during the pandemic, delivers a world of engaging, online learning, accessible at the click of a button.

4. To improve accessibility and inclusivity

Zoom hasn’t only been used for training purposes, but in 2022, we saw Zoom used most frequently as a tool for interpreting. We regularly host interpreting sessions on Zoom that connect our clients and linguists across the world to provide both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting.

Going into 2023, we also predict an increase in the use of our British Sign Language Interpreting Services.
Did you know that more than 150,000 people in the UK state that British Sign Language is their preferred language? Our interpreters can travel to events and meetings or interpret on Zoom/Teams as well.

5. To give goosebumps

In all that we do, be that delivering high quality services, communicating with you throughout, asking for and implementing feedback, we promise to go the extra mile. The goosebumps are down to the fact that we really value our clients and will go out of our way to find solutions that work for you. Whether that’s picking you up from the airport for your residential cultural course, providing you with language trainers for the gaps in your course that starts next week, or manually formatting your subtitles, PowerPoints and PDFs, we will strive to do our part to make your life a little bit easier in 2023!

So why not get in touch and book a free, no-obligation language consultation with us today? Allow Dialogue to help you start this new year well.

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