Our trainers

Dialogue’s teachers have great experience in business language training as well as relevant teaching qualifications. On top of this though what is key to us at Dialogue is that they have the humanity to teach at the level we demand. If a teacher can’t tap into your way of thinking, can’t adapt to a different set of personal circumstances, then he or she isn’t doing it right. The human touch is vital to successful language learning.

Our translators

Our translators are selected for their experience, qualifications and thinking power. We don’t just want them to translate, but to question, to query, to quibble. For us it’s all about putting human thought and analysis into the translation process in an increasingly automated world. Only that way will you get your words translated, using your voice for the local market.

Our interpreters

We pick our interpreters for their professionalism, ability to think on the spot, specialist knowledge and their stamina for those day-long conferences. Don’t under-estimate how tiring it is! Over and above that, they need to be culturally sensitive to the environment and the situations in which they are providing interpreting services for – whether discretion is required during sales negotiations, or local cultural sensitivity is essential.

Our voiceover artists

Dialogue’s voiceover artists need to be versatile, flexible and able to adapt style to any given scenario – whether commercial, education-related or for a film. Whether you need a smooth, dynamic, caring or persuasive voice, all of our artists have the experience required to take your brief and hit the right spot.

A Selection of our Linguists