Technology with Dialogue

At Dialogue, we’re proud to always deliver the best services. Best in terms of quality, value for money and efficiency, which means that our award-winning project management team has industry-leading solutions at their fingertips for every requirement. The integration of AI and smart technology has allowed us to improve and evolve our business in three core ways. 

Driven by cutting-edge technology

We continue to broaden the cutting-edge portfolio of services we offer to meet your ever-growing needs. Advances in technology and AI allow us to offer new and exciting services including machine translation, desktop publishing, and auto captions, voiceovers and transcription. A greater choice of services ensures that we can advise you on exactly the right option to deliver the results you need on time and within your budget.

A game-changing Translation Management System

We have transformed our project management support, through investment in an industry-leading Translation Management System (TMS), Phrase (formerly known as Memsource). Phrase is a game-changing TMS, powered by patented AI. This cutting-edge technology helps us reduce translation costs for you, boost consistency across projects and increase quality and project management efficiency.

Kudos: Dialogue’s very own Ed-Tech platform

Our English language and cultural training platform, Kudos, delivers a world of engaging, online learning, accessible at the click of a button. Our engaging, informative videos and practical English exercises allow students to continue improving their English language skills remotely – wherever and whenever they like.

Improved Efficiency

Phrase allows for project managers, linguists and clients to communicate and work together on the same platform. You can also use smart machine translation technology as part of our Silver Service Package.

Cost-Saving & Consistent

Phrase’s multilingual translation memories enable storage of previously translated content in 500+ languages. This results in discounts on previously translated content and greater word-choice consistency. 

Enhanced Security & Access

All of your data and content is stored on one platform, avoiding any need to disperse files across multiple devices or via email. The built-in client review function allows you to check the translation and directly leave comments for the linguists.

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Always with a human touch

There is, however, one constant in how we support you which has remained the foundation of our business for over 30 years: When you choose Dialogue as your language partner, you’ll have the opportunity to talk to us, not merely to engage via a web portal. Every client and project has a dedicated Dialogue project manager who will advise on the best solution for your budget and need, and ensure timely delivery too.

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