So, you’ve spent a tidy sum creating your film and now you want to make it accessible to targeted markets. Are you looking for a voiceover agency or a company to handle subtitling of your scripts? Do you know what’s most appropriate? Have you done this before?

If you are unsure what will work best, Dialogue will offer guidance on the likely response from your target markets and assess your budget vs the anticipated costs.

Voiceovers can be slicker and easier to follow if there is considerable onscreen or graphics text already, however the cost will be much higher than subtitling.

Subtitles may be better for countries more used to watching subtitled films, are quicker to create and are much cheaper. But not everyone finds it easy to read on screen – particularly if the script is fast and the film is already graphics-heavy.

To begin the process, ask yourself these questions and then contact us to identify the solution and price:

  • What’s my budget?
  • What are the target markets?
  • Do I have the script in written form?
  • Who is the film intended for?
  • What is the film’s objective?