Subtitling Services

If your budget and time are limited, a reliable subtitling agency may be the best way for you to optimise your e-learning courses, promotional films or make web and TV commercials accessible to your foreign clients and colleagues. Some parts of the world like Northern Europe are more used to subtitles than others, such as Eastern Europe or China who are more comfortable with voiceovers.

Why choose professional subtitling

Have you ever seen subtitles that have made you scratch your head or even wince? They have to make sense in relation to what you are seeing and be accurate. Quality subtitles are more than simple translations of audio. They need to be transcribed, then localised and adapted to match the timing and to fit the screen space available.

There are specific subtitling protocols based on psycho-linguistic research which impact the number of lines, number of characters in or width of a subtitle, segmentation and number of words per minute. If you get it wrong, it will affect the intelligibility of the film.

A lot to take in, but fortunately this whole process is handled by our expert team and headed up by your single point of contact – your dedicated project manager.

At Dialogue, we guarantee that each of our clients will be approached from an individual angle, ensuring that our service is tailored specifically to your requirements.

Subtitling formats and applications

We most commonly work with films generated by or in:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • FCPX
  • DVD
  • QuickTime
  • MP4

We have carried out foreign language subtitling services in most sectors, but recent projects include:

  • Training Films
  • Corporate promotions
  • Instructional presentations
  • Documentaries
  • Web/TV spots
  • Movies
  • Software instructions
  • Animations

Dialogue's Subtitling Process

Step 1.

You brief us on the audio/visual alongside your target audience.

Step 2.

If required, we create a transcript with appropriate timecodes, breaks and omissions.

Step 3.

Our translators create a translated, localised and adapted SRT file which fits the original source.

Step 4.

We proof the text and create the subtitles according to your protocols.

Step 5.

You receive your high quality video with subtitles, ready for review and upload.

Step 6.

We feed back to the translators any of your preferences and changes of style.

Subtitling Services FAQs

Yes. We either deliver to you the final video complete with subtitles fully burnt in, or we can deliver translated .SRT files to you to burn in yourselves.

We will need from you: the video, languages required, to know whether you or we are burning in the subtitle files to the film, your deadline, reference materials, font or placement requirements, and usage for licensing purposes. Then just leave it to us!

It takes around 1-2 days to create subtitles for a 2 min film in one language and allow 1 extra day for burning the subtitles into the film. Call us for more guidance. 

A 2 min movie typically costs from £5 per minute for creation of subtitled files in one language and from £7.50 per minute for us to burn the subtitles into the film.