Fortunately it is relatively simple, fast and cost-effective when done by an expert. While it may be tempting to get your colleagues to do the work, professional transcribers can complete the task over four times quicker than those less experienced.

What exactly is transcription?

Where what is uttered in a recording in a given language is written down in the same language. So if it is a recording spoken in Chinese, our transcriber will listen and write down word for word what was said in Chinese.

If there are several people’s voices recorded, we can break the transcription down by individual speaker. Timings are also provided if necessary. Transcription is typically used for anything from recording meeting minutes to producing subtitles for films.

"Excellent transcription work! Provided on time, to spec and accurate. Thanks very much Dialogue!"Ketchum

With our team of native language transcribers across the globe working in different time zones, Dialogue offers professional transcription services for any audio or visual files into any language in any format. Each transcription project is checked by a second native transcriber for typos or missed words to ensure you get an accurate written rendition of the audio by the deadline agreed.

We charge for transcription on an hourly basis. On average transcription work can take about 10 times as long as the source material; so 1 hour of speech can take up to 10 (or more) to transcribe, depending on the quality and speed.

Outsource the work to us to see how much time and money Dialogue can save you.

Why you can place your trust in us

  • Constant client interaction & feedback – your requirements carried out your way
  • Rigorous QA, adhering to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015 standards
  • ITI corporate membership ensures our deliveries meet high industry standards
  • Strict translator recruitment processes including testing, references and monitoring/feedback
  • Using only professional linguists with extensive specialist experience
  • Use of translation memory tools to ensure consistency and cost-effectiveness