So, you’ve got the multilingual website. But can your potential clients find you?

More and more companies are becoming frustrated at their multilingual website not ranking highly on local search engines and thus receiving limited traffic. It’s critical that your translation strategy includes multilingual SEO research to determine the right keywords and phrases that will boost visits to your site.


Dialogue offers full international SEO, multilingual content and PPC services (Pay Per Click) for full web optimisation on Google, Bing and other local search engines including Yandex.

We will get the key words right for you in each language to boost your rankings.

We can either take an existing list of researched keywords in the current language of your site and localise them or create a brand new list based on the content in place that you want optimised.

Web users are 4 times more likely to buy from a site they can read in their own language

We can create copy for blogs or Twitter in any language

If you have a blog in your own language, by reproducing it in the languages for your target markets will increase the number of local links to your translated and localised webpages, and boost your web presence and visits.

Equally our linguists can translate or create new copy for Twitter, Facebook or other campaigns you are running.

Your web developer should have already done this for your current English language site. For full optimisation, this metadata needs to run throughout your multilingual pages in the local language.

We will optimise your current web page metadata with the keywords identified in our keyword research, to increase the likelihood of your site being found in your targeted countries.