Make that important first impression by having an interpreter at your event, native in the language in question and sensitive to local culture and customs. Whether it’s conference interpreting, legal court interpreting, specialised technical interpreting or help to make a pitch, we have specialist interpreters with bags of experience to help you across five continents.

What kind of interpreting do I need?


Ideal for conferences & presentations: Simultaneous interpreting happens momentarily after the original sentence has been spoken. This will require full audio link for the audience; Dialogue can organise all equipment for you. Note, you will normally need to have two interpreters for simultaneous interpreting who work as a team.


Ideal for meetings, consecutive interpreting happens over sections of speech. Here the interpreter waits for a suitable break before delivering the speech in the target language. Whisper interpreting or 'chuchotage' can also be useful here: the participants speak without pauses and the interpreter translates what is being said for you in a low voice.


Ideal and cost-effective where a face-to-face meeting is not essential. Your telephone interpreter will be patched into your conference call and will interpret as and when required - both what you're saying and what is being said to you. Supporting documentation and an agenda should ideally be provided in advance. Can be arranged at short notice.

"Dialogue's German interpreting services are always professional. We couldn’t ask for any more from a company which clearly understands our business."MAN TRUCK & BUS

Why you can place your trust in us

  • Constant client interaction & feedback – your requirements carried out your way
  • Rigorous QA, adhering to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015 standards
  • ITI corporate membership ensures our deliveries meet high industry standards
  • Strict translator recruitment processes including testing, references and monitoring/feedback
  • Using only professional linguists with extensive specialist experience
  • Use of translation memory tools to ensure consistency and cost-effectiveness