It can often be confusing to know what to ask for when you are presented with an array of options, varying hugely in price and delivery timeframe, perhaps differing from country to country.

As an approved, corporate member of the professional translation body, the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI), Dialogue is authorised to certify your translations. Should notarisation or even full legalisation be required, we have notaries and links with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and embassies to arrange all levels of certification. Whatever your need, we can provide you with guidance and arrange for any level of certification you need.

Dialogue’s quick guide to translation certification


For general or official documents which need to be presented to academic institutions or to prove identity or marital status. This is often, but not always, sufficient for birth or divorce certificates.


For official documents and deeds requested by public authorities, government bodies and courts. This is a declaration by the translator which is made in writing and on oath (sworn) in front of a Notary Public that the translation is, to the best of the translator’s knowledge, complete and accurate.


For documents to be presented to overseas authorities outside the UK (such as office relocation, marriage or work applications). To legalise notarised certification, it needs to be checked (apostilled) by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and may then require an embassy seal. At this point, it can be accepted by a foreign country as part of the Hague Convention.

"We were moving offices to Brazil and needed all formal translations fully legalised and approved through the FCO and Embassy. Without Dialogue’s expertise and efficiency we would never have got it all through in time."A leading engineering company

Why you can place your trust in us

  • Constant client interaction & feedback – your requirements carried out your way
  • Rigorous QA, adhering to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015 standards
  • ITI corporate membership ensures our deliveries meet high industry standards
  • Strict translator recruitment processes including testing, references and monitoring/feedback
  • Using only professional linguists with extensive specialist experience
  • Use of translation memory tools to ensure consistency and cost-effectiveness