Translation Service Packages

Translation services packages are like all services packages: they need to be fit for purpose and have a range of options.

Which translation service level is right for me?

It is a given that we all want the best quality translation, for the best price and within the given time-frame. However, your needs and circumstances are all unique and therefore at Dialogue we do not believe in a one-service-fits-all solution. As a result, we have devised 3 flexible pricing and service categories that can be put in place to fit your expectations, needs and budget.

First Class

We recommend this option if your copy is for publishing or external use (websites, corporate communications, marketing literature, contracts, manuals etc.)

High quality translation with added level of quality assurance.
Full translation, plus proofreading by 2nd translator, and final QA check by Dialogue PM.

Turnaround Times: 1500 words/day for translation + 1000 words/hour for proofreading.

Useful for: Medical and legal clients almost always opt for this, as the devil is, alas, in the detail…

Please note: Turnaround times will increase with this service, due to the level of quality checks.

Business Class

For internal communications and understanding key content of formal documents (eg. contracts, email correspondence), a first draft translation with a basic proof-check may suffice.

High quality translation with quick turnaround times. Full translation by a qualified translator plus final QA by Dialogue PM. 

Turnaround Times: 1500 words/day for translation. 

Useful for: Clients requiring technical translation, as their focus is on accuracy of the information rather than style. 

Please note: This service doesn’t include a second proofreading to ensure higher quality level.

Economy Class

If you just need to get the gist of a text and it’s for internal use only, we would recommend machine translation combined with professional editing by a translator.

Automatic, fast and high-volume capacity. Machine translation plus post-editing by a human translator and final QA check by Dialogue PM. 

Turnaround Times: Estimated on a project-by-project basis 

Useful for: Clients requiring quick, gist translations, as their focus is on basic understanding with less emphasis on accuracy or style. 

Please note: This service may give you a reduced level of quality, accuracy and flow.


Why are Dialogue’s Translation service levels so important? 

Managing your expectations is all part of our dialogue with you. Before we take on any project we will have a frank discussion about what’s really required: we want you to have the service you need, and find the most cost-effective solution for you and your team.

Basically you talk, we listen, you succeed.

Machine translation with human proofing is your cheapest option; this is sufficient for documentation you just need to understand the gist of and is a lot quicker to process (typically 8,000 words a day + time for basic QA checks). 


Our PMs will discuss the scope of your project at the start and advise on service level, depending on your budget and objectives. Anything you intend to publish or print should always get ‘first class’ treatment.