Technical Translation Services

If your company sells highly specialised products, you need to be sure that your technical translation agency has the right expertise to understand them and present them in a foreign language accurately. Dialogue’s expertise and experience across a range of highly specialist, technical fields can assure you of the highest quality technical translation.

Technical translation throws up all kind of questions – not least with measurements. Imperial or metric? Do you translate it and convert or do you leave it as is?

3,142 – that’s three thousand, one hundred and forty two to you, but to many people it’s Pi. Our translators know the difference.

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Economy Class

Machine translation with proofing & editing by a human translator. For getting the gist and for internal use only. Recommended as a quick and cheap way to get key information, but not for external use as unpolished. Find out more

Business Class

Full translation, plus proof check e.g. reviewing numbers and formatting but not proofing the accuracy of the translated word. Project managed to ISO 17100:2015 standards. Recommended for internal documents. Find out more

First Class

Full translation, plus in-depth proof by 2nd translator, and final proof check by 3rd linguist. Project managed to ISO 17100:2015 standards. Recommended for external use (websites, contracts etc). Find out more

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Technical translation sectors

Our translators often emanate from or have worked previously in the industry they translate into. We select those who have a proven track record in a given field. Here are some of the areas we have previously worked in:

  • Oil & gas
  • Automotive
  • Agricultural
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Civil engineering
  • Freight
  • Rail
  • Manufacturing
  • Aviation

Technical documentation translation services 

Dialogue’s expert translators have delivered over three million words of highly specialist, technical document translation for many sectors including automotive and oil & gas.  

  • Manuals 
  • Software 
  • Technical product information 
  • Product safety data sheets 
  • Industry-specific reports 
  • Web/brochure content 
  • Patents 

To save time and effort your end, it’s best to provide your translation project in the ultimate file format you’ll be using. We will return your translated material back to you in the very same format: XML, html, Illustrator, within software strings or good old-fashioned MS Word. 

Our Technical Translation Process

We’ve worked hard to create an easy, collaborative technical translation service that keeps you in the loop, respects your deadline and leaves you with a quality that’s as good as the original. With ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015 certification, you can have faith in a job well done.  

Step 1.

In-depth discussion about your business and what your translation needs to do.

Step 2.

Project confirmation sent out detailing cost, time-frame & service level.

Step 3.

Text analysis to highlight possible language issues/ preferences with client.

Step 4.

Text translated using Phrase TMS, to maintain consistency and save time & money where possible.

Step 5.

Document returned to client, within deadline, in original format for review.

Step 6.

Feedback to ensure improvements/maintain quality for future projects.

Technical Translation FAQs

You name it, we can handle it: from web-supported files (XLIFF, XML, HTML, txt, csv, odt etc.) to Microsoft formats (doc, ppt, xls, dot), to Adobe (pdf, ai, indd or psd). Or we can translate straight onto your own platform. 

Our technical translators are recruited for their professional backgrounds in your industry and specialist knowledge, from civil engineering to technical manuals. Their specialist knowledge combined with our rigorous ISO 17100:2015 QA processes ensure a 100% reliable translation. 

While some agencies will always charge a premium as a matter of course, Dialogue will always look at each project on its merits. If the translator needs more time, due to the complexity of the project, you will be advised of any supplement before the translation starts. Technical translation starts from 10p per word.