Russian Translation Services

Thanks to its 140 million speakers in the Russian Federation – the largest country in the world, Russian is one of the most important languages that any business with global ambitions needs to have as part of its arsenal.

We work with the best Russian translators in the marketplace, tapping into a network of mother-tongue and highly experienced professional linguists that know how to translate across a variety of different niches and use language that is suitable for the market where your work will appear.

With Russian being so proliferant across the globe, our Russian translation service brings in speakers that match those needs. From the emerging markets of Kazakhstan, Belarus and Ukraine, to the well established markets of Canada and Germany where Russian is spoken, having a professional Russian translation service like the one we provide at Dialogue is a necessity for global success.

Having a translation service like ours can be an extremely useful tool in your international business development. We bring over 25 years experience in delivering Russian translations to a global audience, we know what is needed and work with you to ensure that you have the language skills you and your business needs.

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Economy Class

Machine translation with proofing & editing by a human translator. For getting the gist and for internal use only. Recommended as a quick and cheap way to get key information, but not for external use as unpolished. Find out more

Business Class

Full translation, plus proof check e.g. reviewing numbers and formatting but not proofing the accuracy of the translated word. Project managed to ISO 17100:2015 standards. Recommended for internal documents. Find out more

First Class

Full translation, plus in-depth proof by 2nd translator, and final proof check by 3rd linguist. Project managed to ISO 17100:2015 standards. Recommended for external use (websites, contracts etc). Find out more

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How our Russian translation service works

How does our Russian translation service work? As per all of our translation experience in the last 25 years, we begin by starting with a brief. The brief sets out the roadmap to translation success. In fact, our methods leave us feeling confident that when we are tasked with an Russian translation we will deliver. If you’re not happy, we’ll continue to work on that translation (free of charge!) until you are 100% confident that we have delivered on the quality promise we guaranteed.

At Dialogue our Russian translation service is specifically designed to yield results. Working across major sectors that include financial, engineering, legal, marketing and medical, we deliver a service that is tailored towards your goals and requirements. We remove ambiguity, we take out confusion, we translate what you need and to the target market.

Our system pairs the translator to the job. That means that we use translators who have an understanding of the subject and the target destination to make your translation accurate and fit for purpose. That is the Dialogue way.

Why your business needs a professional Russian translation service

When you’ve been in the translation business as long as we have, you see what a bad translation can do to a business and individual. From global campaigns which require tearing down and starting again – costing thousands and millions in some cases – to print materials such as documents, contracts and brochures and even material on the internet, riddled with embarrassing mistakes. It all makes for a terrible experience for the customer and translation business alike.

Russian is also a language that can be easily mistranslated, especially when you consider the sheer amount of speakers and dialects that have come from various nations and more isolated locations. From the alphabet to grammar and syntax, just understanding the nuances makes having a professional service even more important. Did you know that Russian text typically takes up to 15% more space than English? This means that things such as formatting are taken into consideration by our translators when it comes to a campaign that is design rich.

Our professional Russian translation service pairs our highly skilled translators with the niches they have experience and knowledge in, making it a valuable tool for your business. Dialogue is perfectly positioned to manage and exceed your Russian translation expectations.

Our Russian translation services process

We are focused on providing you with the best translation and interpreting service in the UK, without trying to fit you into a one-size-fits-all box. Instead, it’s all about finding an approach and solution that meets your needs, your timescales and your budget, every time.

Step 1.

Document submitted, analysed and level of service agreed.

Step 2.

Project confirmation sent out detailing cost, time-frame & service level.

Step 3.

Text analysis to highlight possible language issues/ preferences with client.

Step 4.

Text translated using SDL Trados Studio, to maintain consistency and save time & money where possible.

Step 5.

Document returned to client, within deadline, in original format for review.

Step 6.

Feedback to ensure improvements/maintain quality for future projects.