Marketing Translation Services

We understand how critical it is that your marketing media communicates your message your way. Simple word-for-word translation isn’t always enough. If the style and tone aren’t right for the local market, you’ve lost their business. A quirky, laid-back tone designed for the UK market might not be appropriate, say, in Asia or the Middle East.

What are marketing translation services?

Peter, Pierre or Piotr?

As marketing is such a personal, identity-based concept, on top of style you need to consider localisation of content for the target market. If your readers can’t relate to your text, they will go elsewhere. Unfamiliar references or names may alienate your potential client. It may be as simple as changing a name, brand or idiom to one they’ve heard of; it may be modifying a scenario to fit in with a local custom.

As a marketing translation agency, Dialogue has a team of creative localisation experts who will absorb your marketing translation objectives, your corporate tone/style, target age group, branding and so on. We will use this to draft a proposal that matches your exact needs. It needn’t be daunting or complex – leave it to our experts. We can even translate directly into Illustrator, InDesign or other DTP software, and do the final formatting so you end up with a print-ready file.

Dialogue Translation Estimator

Economy Class

Machine translation with proofing & editing by a human translator. For getting the gist and for internal use only. Recommended as a quick and cheap way to get key information, but not for external use as unpolished. Find out more

Business Class

Full translation, plus proof check e.g. reviewing numbers and formatting but not proofing the accuracy of the translated word. Project managed to ISO 17100:2015 standards. Recommended for internal documents. Find out more

First Class

Full translation, plus in-depth proof by 2nd translator, and final proof check by 3rd linguist. Project managed to ISO 17100:2015 standards. Recommended for external use (websites, contracts etc). Find out more

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Marketing Translation vs Marketing Transcreation

 If localisation can be thought of as ‘translation plus’, transcreation is ‘translation full throttle’.

Your branding and marketing material must be as attractive, as engaging and as persuasive as the original was to the local market.   

Transcreation goes beyond translation to deliver engaging copywritten advertising, marketing, promotional, or brand-related communication within the context of the local market. As it says on the tin, it’s creative translation: creatively-written multilingual expression which will help make the impact in the right way.   

And it may not only be the written word that needs to be adapted; images and pictures may also need to be changed to work better and more sensitively in the target market. See how we helped this telecommunications company. Dialogue’s marketing transcreation services use creative writers with a background that will deliver your brand message and imagery with local sensitivity and insight.

Imagine This Extract from a Company Training Page

Hover over or click the coloured words to see an explanation of the importance of localising text.

Did you know

Many languages have two forms for you - respectful or informal. What's the tone of your site? Young and dynamic, serious and formal? Does your local audience like to be addressed directly?
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Does this name convey a social class? Is it old-fashioned? Is it randomly chosen?
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Is there an 'equivalent' supermarket?
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Is a beer more normal? Is alcohol socially acceptable or even legal?
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Is the end of a working week a Friday?
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Types of Marketing Translation

Marketing encompasses all parts of a company, but when we talk about these more creative translations we are thinking of:

  • Advertising campaigns 
  • Branding campaigns 
  • Web copy 
  • Corporate communications including audio and video 

Our Marketing Transcreation Process

Step 1.

Detailed job spec taken by Dialogue to understand how much the transcreator can stray from the source.

Step 2.

Job placed, brief given and timeframes agreed with transcreator.

Step 3.

Transcreator writes ‘first draft’ which is shared with the client and feedback provided.

Step 4.

PM and transcreator liaise with client, creating further drafts until client is happy with the result.

Step 5.

Transcreation undergoes thorough QA check carried out by PM.

Step 6.

Transcreation returned to client in same format as original and by the agreed deadline.

Marketing Translation FAQs

We recommend transcreation for heavily creative contente.gif you need to adapt an advertising slogan or brand to work effectively in new markets then this is the way to go 

What works for you in the UK is unlikely to attract your target audience in, let’s say, ChinaDialogues locally based marketing experts help advise on getting the tone right for your target markets in line with your marketing strategy. 


Depending on how much creative input is needed and the language requiredfrom 10p per word for translation/localisation and from £60 an hour for transcreationAnd previous stored translation you have may lead to a discount.