French Translation Services

French is one of the most used European business languages across the continent, therefore having a French translation service that can communicate in a variety of formal and informal ways using an ever-evolving vocabulary is essential for success.

We work with only the best French translators, native speakers who live and breathe the language, which, in turn, ensures that all work is done by those who understand the nuances and turns of phrase that only a mother-tongue speaker could appreciate. Whether you’re dealing with high-level project work, medical, technical or require targeted language training, ours is a service you can trust.

With an estimated 220 million speakers, French has been a frontier language for over three decades used widely across Europe, Asia, Africa and parts of Northern America. Whilst all of these nations use the rooted French language of the mainland, each has small differences, creating a diverse language and one which is widely encompassing of a global business community.

Our French translation service has over 25 years of experience which means we understand that when a brief comes in, we can work quickly and with the best in the business to deliver a translated product that fulfils each and every requirement.

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Economy Class

Machine translation with proofing & editing by a human translator. For getting the gist and for internal use only. Recommended as a quick and cheap way to get key information, but not for external use as unpolished. Find out more

Business Class

Full translation, plus proof check e.g. reviewing numbers and formatting but not proofing the accuracy of the translated word. Project managed to ISO 17100:2015 standards. Recommended for internal documents. Find out more

First Class

Full translation, plus in-depth proof by 2nd translator, and final proof check by 3rd linguist. Project managed to ISO 17100:2015 standards. Recommended for external use (websites, contracts etc). Find out more

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How our French translation service works

How does our French translation service work? It all starts with a brief and then the rest is down to us. With over 25 years experience translating across major different sectors we are confident that when we are tasked with a French translation, we will deliver. If you’re not happy, we’ll continue to work on that translation until you are 100% confident that it has fulfilled the quality guarantee we gave to you – free of charge!

As your experienced translation partner, Dialogue asks the questions needed to get you your perfect end result. Working across 10 major sectors which include, financial, legal, marketing and medical translations (amongst others), we set out to comprehensively deliver a service that is targeted towards your needs and requirements. Our goal as a translation service is to help you achieve fluid dialogue; there is no place for ambiguity or confusion when dealing with important translation projects.

Why your business needs a professional French translation service

The last thing that you or your business needs is a translation that sets you back or causes any loss of face or legal headaches in the future. Translating is about understanding the nuances of a language as much as the point-to-point language specificity of any piece of communication.

A professional French translation service from Dialogue does that and more. Unlike machine translation from the web or using a basic translation service from a freelance site, you are getting an experienced hand that understands the language and all of the nuances that makes a translation a powerful tool in your arsenal.

Depending on your service or niche, having a professional French translation service like ours means that you get a targeted translation. We pair our highly skilled translators with the niches they have experience and knowledge in, making them perfectly suited to the task in hand.

Our French translation services process

We are focused on providing you with the best translation and interpreting service in the UK, without trying to fit you into a one-size-fits-all box. Instead, it’s all about finding an approach and solution that meets your needs, your timescales and your budget, every time.

Step 1.

Document submitted, analysed and level of service agreed.

Step 2.

Project confirmation sent out detailing cost, time-frame & service level.

Step 3.

Text analysis to highlight possible language issues/ preferences with client.

Step 4.

Text translated using SDL Trados Studio, to maintain consistency and save time & money where possible.

Step 5.

Document returned to client, within deadline, in original format for review.

Step 6.

Feedback to ensure improvements/maintain quality for future projects.