We understand that the highest priority must be to support the assignee, the person who is relocating, and their family during the transition, right through until they are fully settled. We also know that an international move has financial implications, so the move must be completed within the company’s relocation budget.

Getting the assignees and their families assimilated to the new culture and language are key areas to consider. Whether it is cultural or language training or a blend of both, Dialogue can help. We design our courses to make the biggest impact in the shortest possible time.

We work with companies, the assignees and their families to get them embedded in the new country as quickly as possible. We achieve this through delivering high impact cultural and language training courses. That includes foreign language training for those travelling abroad and English language training for those entering into an English speaking territory.

Over and above language and culture, the logistics can cause headaches. There is a lot to coordinate: schools, visas, travel, work permits, health issues. Any one of these can scupper a move. Whatever support you are looking for in the relocation process, Dialogue is your answer.

Some key areas of support include

  • Language Training – assignee and family
  • Cross-Cultural Training
  • Airport Concierge Service
  • Education and Schooling Assistance
  • Home Finding Service
  • Visas, Immigration and Work Permits
  • Health Screening Support
  • Relocation Services
  • Partner and Family Assistance
  • Policy Consultation
  • Property and Storage Management
  • Tenancy Agreements and Furniture Rental

This comprehensive range of services ensures the move goes smoothly and all parties are satisfied. Dialogue offers the complete solution.