Dialogue enables ShoreTel to act globally by thinking locally



ShoreTel awards localisation contract to Dialogue as part of their globalisation strategy

ShoreTel, the US-based provider of phone systems and UC solutions, recognises the importance of ensuring that marketing collateral is localised for international markets. Localising is the process of adapting (and not just translating) communications specifically to a particular language and culture; getting the desired local “look-and-feel”.

ShoreTel has teamed up with UK-based language services company Dialogue to localise their partners’ online training-courses (ShoreTel University) as well as their website. The localisation of training materials will support ShoreTel’s partners globally when promoting services and products to potential new customers. ShoreTel’s new international website will widen its reach across markets in Asia and Europe as it expands globally.

Michael Lambert, Director of Education Services for ShoreTel, said: “We interviewed several candidates for partnership on our localization effort. What stood out about Dialogue was their attention to detail, their focus on the importance of the customer relationship, and their highly capable and professional staff.

Alex Alvarez, Dialogue’s Translation Manager said “This is a really exciting project for us. We will render culturally sensitive material specifically for each local market. It showcases our localisation experience – combining linguistic expertise with a deep cultural understanding of local markets. We not only have to work creatively around all references to local brands, places and word-play but also need to ensure that all visuals are culturally appropriate in, say, China as well as in European markets.

This new linguistic partnership with Dialogue is set to assist ShoreTel’s business divisions by making an increasingly strong, yet culturally sensitive, impact on global communications markets in years to come.

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