Dialogue’s Success


Dialogue Language Services International is pleased to announce that not only has it been successful in retaining the English language training contract for the Ministry of Defence, but it has also been awarded the contract to supply foreign language training to British officers based in the UK and abroad. Indeed, Dialogue is the only language service provider to be awarded training contracts both in English and foreign languages.

Dialogue started working with MoD/Capita at the Defence Academy in Shrivenham, Oxfordshire just over 3 years ago, working with officers from all 4 services (Navy, Airforce, Army and Marines) and from all 4 corners of the earth – from the Czech Republic to China, from Finland to Afghanistan and from Malaysia to Mauritania. Dialogue retained this contract in May of this year, and so continues to support the ‘diplomatic and operational push across NATO and further afield’ at a time when world stability needs as much dialogue as it can manage.

Building on success

Building on this success, Dialogue has now been asked to provide trainers in in over 50 languages, including local dialects, at many locations across the UK and abroad to help the British military to carry out their jobs with as much cultural and linguistic sensitivity as possible.  Rob Shimwell, Director and Head of Training said:

“MoD /Capita are certainly setting us a challenge to provide qualified and experienced teachers at the drop of a hat and in some cases, in some very obscure venues – but it’s a challenge we relish and look forward to fulfilling. We are always on the look-out for qualified teachers with experience and buckets of personality – some experience of the military is obviously useful but not essential.”

As a result of all this new work, Dialogue is now looking to move from their offices in Milton Road, Swindon to larger premises that can accommodate their ever-expanding workforce.

Anyone interested in joining the teaching team should contact Ann-Marie on + 44 (0) 1793 513 321

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