Dialogue’s international presence has continued to grow over the past 12 months, not least within the Middle East. This increased demand from the region has led to a need for Dialogue to cater for the market. To speak directly to those looking for language services in their own language. Due to this, Dialogue has increased the language options on their website to include Arabic, alongside French, German, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese.

Arabic on Mac

Take a look at the Arabic website here  

Adding this language to the website was an ongoing challenge for the Dialogue team, considering the fact Arabic writing is read the opposite way round, from right to left. This meant a complete reformatting of the website to cater for these clients – not a quick job as you can probably imagine! Dialogue is driven by the belief of respecting cultures by addressing people in their own language and know from market research that web localisation works: web users tend to stay on a page twice as long if it’s translated into their own language and are four times as likely to buy services or products from it.

The Dialogue team sees this language addition as a strong example of the quality of their work, as the company, with 23 years’ experience behind it, enjoys a strong reputation within the language services industry on an international scale. Director & Head of Translations, Cathy Branson, had this to say – “Whilst the addition of Arabic to our website has been a challenge, it is a challenge I am pleased to have been faced with. For me it demonstrates the power of the work we have been doing, not just within the translations team but across the whole business. We are becoming a force to be reckoned with, not just in the UK but worldwide and are welcoming increased demand now from the Middle East.”

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